Phenomenological Research Study

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Phenomenological Research Study

Postby akitson » 01 Jul 2017 01:18

Would you like to share your experiences of introspection relating to lucid dreaming?

I am a PhD student from Simon Fraser University conducting a research study called “A Phenomenological Study on Understanding Introspection for the Design of a Technological System”.

The purpose of the study is to investigate human practices of introspection, which might include, but is not limited to, lucid dreaming, meditation, journaling, psychedelics, and psychotherapy. The experiences gleaned from describing what it is like to introspect and its context will be useful for designing an experience in the format of an immersive technological system to help people introspect, and ultimately creating a sense of positive well-being.

The study lasts about 60 minutes. The only incentive will be the voluntary desire to participate. We will not provide any incentives that are monetary or otherwise. We are inviting people who are of age of majority (19+ years old), and have no physical or cognitive disabilities.

Please email me at if you would like to participate or learn more about the study.

Thanks for your interest.

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Re: Phenomenological Research Study

Postby 24/7/365 » 15 Jul 2017 18:10

I am designing a response to you query...processing...processing...
My less learned self, finds your idea to be intriguing.
My learned self makes giggle noises.

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