My reacurring dream

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My reacurring dream

Postby Marshalll01 » 08 Feb 2019 05:06

So i have this dream. It keeps happening everynight. It starts out at a bar with me and two friends, Brady and Mike. So were drinking having a good time and thats it then we go to bed. we all wake up the next morning and get ready for the day. then the dream just jumps to this house and i dont know why we are there. We go to the front and its an old lady, we enter and its a different "reality", i guess is the right word. this old lady just is evil i could feel it, but once we entered this different reality its nothing but a never ending hallway. Abunch of doors but its all the same room, so i decide to go back to the beggining and for some reason lift a painting and there is a hole in the wall to a different room. so we start ripping the wall apart and enter, but once we do its nothing but a fireplace a big mirror a table with a key and a candle with a note under it. the note read, "burn the key until it is red hot. then put it i to the mirror and turn to unlock". On the bottom of the letter had a signiture, "MIKE". This whole time he was gone and we didnt realize. But we did as the not said, and when the key "unlocked" the mirror it started to ripple away aand it opened a portal thing, it was so beautiful on the other side like heaven. But everytime i step through i wake up with a jolt like im gettong shocked. But every dream im 100% in control of my own body. Its super realistic. If anyone has some insight please let me know.


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Re: My reacurring dream

Postby Petal » 10 Feb 2019 11:19

I think the dream is kind of a junky diversity dream that your subconscious has created to delay your development from actually experiencing or enjoying lucid dreaming fully. The ego is sometimes fearful of new developments in thinking or experimental/adventurous thinking so it puts up blocks or riddles to slow you down. I’m guessing that the evil old woman is actually a dream manifestation of your shadow self. She doesn’t want to be examined yet, so thats why she is putting out the evil vides. Shadow characters are often unpleasant but can mostly tell you something about yourself you don’t yet like that you can put to better use. By identifying or accepting whatever it represents, you can usually avoid it in the future or turn it into a positive/useful or less negative characteristic or dream character.
I used to get lucid dreams where I’d be in a corridor with where I’d open a door only to find another door and then another. They would frustrate me a lot. Now I don’t really get them much at all. If do recognise a dream with this kind of pattern I tend to wake myself up or change the dream significantly. For example, I lucid dreamed recently that a man in an arcade fortune telling machine booth sent me in a glass lift (like Willy Wonkers lift) to a deserted and crumbling hotel resort where I walked along deserted crumbling hotel corridors. Each room I passed was empty and the whole block of hotels lower rooms were being swamped by the sea. I was worried I would slip down and hurt myself though the crumbling concrete or whole chunks of the hotel would crumble into the sea. Although, I knew I was dreaming I thought the man would make it difficult for me to wake up out of it. I recognised it as a variant of my corridor dreams so when I got to the next empty room, I started redecorating and made it into a comfortable den. This was much to the annoyance of the fortune telling guy who was somehow still watching me with invisible spy drones. I dreamed of the hotel again a few nights later but this time the corridor was a tinted a burnished gold and there were guards watching from a higher open walk way above the corridor. I still found “my room” and continued to enhance it. I started to really like my hotel room with foundations heavily cemented into the rock bed over the temperamental sea. I also liked that I seemed to have a whole deserted holiday resort to myself that I could do up to my own preferences and I won’t tell you what I did to the guards or the fortune telling man. :twisted: :oops:
Next time you have your corridor dream, try to do something completely different. Hint, sometimes it helps a lot, to think up about ten preferably versions of the dream before you go sleep. For example, workout how you can turn the evil old lady into someone that helps you find your friend, Mike. That way your well prepared to make it much more interesting and enjoyable. Hope this helps.
Anyhow, Kind Regards. I hope to see you about...

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