Hi :)

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Hi :)

Postby jaysee » 22 Apr 2019 13:34

Hi there,

I'm living in the Gold Coast, Australia, from Dublin. Been lucid dreaming for about 20-odd years now, but I've only really learned to have more control the past year or so. Prior to that, I'd have them sporadically, going several years between even.

I started having them in my 20's when I came down with heat exhaustion, which caused me to enter into a strange state of mind where my senses were heightened, after which I found myself thrown into my first lucid dream - where I was submerged in a lake :lol:

Since then, I began having them regularly, albeit sporadically. I have found the experience of them to 'evolve', where each time I have an LD it's more profound, or more vivid, or more interactive, or else the characters are more 'alive' - I wonder if this is common. I otherwise experience common things such as see my hands as deformed, or with fingers growing out of them, sometimes I can talk and fly, sometimes I'm stuck and its like my mouth is glued up....I have viewed myself in the mirror - its never the same person, haha :o

Mostly, it feels very much like a world that has emanated from my consciousness - I am in control of it, including dream characters - they talk if I tell them to. And they seem intelligent to varying degrees - some not at all, some quite articulate. But all do seem to obey my will. With so far, one exception.

I had an interesting LD about two years ago, it started off normally, I was upside down in a white room for some reason. There was a door that was ajar. I was just chilling, enjoying the experience, just playing with my hands etc. Then suddenly, someone walked through the door. This individual was most definitely not under my control, I had no control over them. They came over to me, smiling, in a bureaucratic way, and made eye contact. I was petrified - literally. We stared for a bit, and they seemed pleased that I was able to maintain contact. They took me by the hand, and lead me somewhere, and then I lost lucidity.

After that, I began taking it seriously, and researched techniques etc. I tried the WBTB/MILD/DILD and supplement techniques - mainly the Thomas Yuschak - Advanced Lucid Dreaming techniques, but didn't succeed for over a year, when I learned I had to tweak the formulas to suit me - mainly my sleep cycle - I'm a late starter, so trying to get up at 4 am is not gona work for me, once I tried 6-7 am, I started having quite significant ones, that can last an hour. I use Galantamine, GPC/Choline, seems to make them last quite a long time.

I plan on experimenting more with supplements, and I give myself missions - to bring in my 5 senses, or see myself in a mirror, or communicate something specific. Currently I'm trying to get a dream character to email me, for a laugh :D

So thats me, and where I'm up to with lucid dreaming :)

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Re: Hi :)

Postby Legionnaire » 28 Apr 2019 12:54

I wrote a response to you but for some reason it didn't "reply".

I'm on the Gold Coast in Miami. Read my intro on this forum .

I also moved to Dublin some years ago and lived there for 5 years (some of the best years in my life).

Another lucid dreamer to talk to is always a plus.

I'll keep my eye out for your posts.

I am Legion, Army of Many.

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Re: Hi :)

Postby jaysee » 15 May 2019 11:03

Hi Luke,

Apologies, I didn't get any notifications, and I haven't been back in some time. I had a read of your intro, interesting that we have had similar experiences with these non-dream characters. You seems to be having more with them, I just had that one time that I mentioned. But as you said, it was a much more profound experience. It really spurred me to take it more seriously, I really want to find out who these characters are, they are definitely not the same as the characters that are part of the dream....I can't make any sense of it :lol:

It astounds me that we have similar experiences. If it was all in our heads, we'd all be having different experiences, influenced by our own biases and experience, but the fact that there's such a high degree of commonality makes me think there's more to it than what I can make out :D

Thanks for the reply :)

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