Hypnagogic Practice

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Hypnagogic Practice

Postby Velathari » 19 Jul 2013 16:28

This will probably be the first forum that I might have a dedication to once I get settled with moving in. I have a long experience with lucid practice since I was a kid, and never really thought anything of it until I began experiencing hypnagogia.

I am a thinker and always have been. I have always been a creative individual and have had great comprehension skills. My memory skills were amazing, but ever since I began practicing lucid dreaming due to chronic insomnia, my memory has slowly degraded. About five years later, I began experiencing hypnagogia and never really made the connection, but my memory has slowly degraded. Short term memory took a hard hit, and my long term memory is chaotic and random. Sometimes I remember everything to the point I am re-living the experience, or it is simply stuck on the tip of my tongue for an extended period of time until I drop it. Regardless, I have had many enlightenments, epiphanies and inspirations from my Lucid and Hypnagogic practice, and would like to remain active on this forum.

Soon, I will begin.
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