What lucid dreaming means to me

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What lucid dreaming means to me

Postby Swift » 29 Jul 2013 14:59

Hey there, people know me mostly by my nickname Swift. I'm 17 years old, and have just recently discovered lucid dreaming C: I can honestly say that lucid dreaming is such an amazing experience and I'm glad to have given it a go.

I first discovered lucid dreaming when someone recommended ways to deal with my phobias. I have yet to use lucid dreaming to start fixing my problems as its very difficult for me to face my fears.

I hope to start delving deeper into lucid dreaming and to start finding out about what I really think. I've had many lucid dreams using the DILD method and have just recently had a lucid dream from going back to sleep in the morning.

I love being able to lucid dream and I hope to learn more about it on this forum. Thanks for reading!

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