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hi guys and a couple of questions:)

Posted: 15 Nov 2013 01:59
by chandlerbing
hi,new here,i was really surprized,when i first realized what lucid dreaming REALLY was.i thought it was about using hypnosis to try to induce a dream which helps you overcome a problem by helping you dream about the solution.not much fun there.i was googling one day on images,i cant remember exactly what,when this image looked interesting so i clicked on said dream control,i immediately thought it might mean some mental process which people used to incubate a dream,something i didn't think was possible.but i didn't want to miss it incase i was i clicked on it.when i read it was about what lucid dreams really were,i realized that i almost discovered the concept years ago,my idea of lucid dreams was wrong,if only id of known i could have been an advanced lucid dreamer by now!im not talking about recently though,i just didn't decide to join this forum until now.i just thought id say that's was actually a bit back.since then ive had little success....or have i?if its possible to forget lucid dreams,how do i know how many ive really had?i might have had 10 times the amount i think ive had.ive typed into youtube questions like "how do people remember lucid dreams unless they awaken directly from them?"people never reply.i cant understand how people can remember WILDS,dosent all the rem sleep that follows the lucid dream erase it from memory?i hope someone answeres on HERE!lol :)

Re: hi guys and a couple of questions:)

Posted: 15 Nov 2013 02:18
by lucidinthe sky
Lucid dream memories are much more like waking life memories than dream memories. They are much more likely to be long-term memories and are generally easy to remember.

In lucid dreams, you are remembering conscious, waking-life experiences even though you are not actually awake. You are completely awake in lucid dreams, just in a different world. Often you can not tell you are not awake.

One of the big differences is that in lucid dreams you are making decisions about what you are going to do, just like you do in waking life. For example, in lucid dreams you might make a conscious decision to pick something up and touch it, just to compare how it feels to what your waking life experiences have been. You evaluate it during the dream, then make mental notes during the dream about how real it felt which you commit to memory. So it's really a more consciously created memory like waking life. Hope that makes sense.