Dreaming is fun

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Dreaming is fun

Postby The-Dreamer » 01 Dec 2013 23:39

Hello :)

I am not fluently lucid dreaming, but have been interested is dreams since childhood. I am still wrestling with the concept of being awake in a dream. Happened once though. But it does not detract much from dreaming experiences in any way. There are heaps of other dream scapes and spaces to explore.

Dream control started as a little boy and the embarrassing bed wetting. So I told my mom that I was dreaming I was going to the loo, but obviously in reality not. So she suggested ringing a bell when it happens so that I realise I am dreaming and control my bladder.

So I randomly learn to control some dreams, especially nightmares of cause. But the control get sometimes too strong so that I wake up. Suppose it link back to the first instance of why I learned dream control. And now that I type it start to make sense why I have some recurring dream themes.

I look forward to learn more about dreaming and all its wonderful facets.

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Re: Dreaming is fun

Postby Peter » 02 Dec 2013 00:09

But it does not detract much from dreaming experiences in any way.

Lucid awareness in the dream is only one aspect of dreaming as you correctly say and also only a step in one direction. If you recall dreams then you already have the ability to enrich your life and so way ahead of most people.

Keep at it and enjoy the forum
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Re: Dreaming is fun

Postby Johnny Badazz » 08 Dec 2013 21:05


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