Old hat to lucid dreaming, new to Forum.

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Old hat to lucid dreaming, new to Forum.

Postby Wyldreamer » 07 Dec 2013 19:29


This forum caught my attention when I was searching for the term for being able to feel in your dreams. My dreams always seem to be very violent. I am always fighting, chasing or being chased. Sometimes I am flying. A part of me seems to realize it's a dream, but that doesn't seem to give me any more control, and it's almost as though I'm in real life 'wishing' it was a dream, if that makes sense. Recently, my flying dreams have become more reliable. Years ago when I’d try to fly I’d be flapping and unable to get lift, or hitting trees and power lines. Now I seem to be able to make myself fly as hard and far and fast as I want. The same goes for running; before it was like running through quicksand – now I seem to run at regular speed as in real life. I often transform into something, most often against my will. About half the time in flying dreams I have actual wings on my back, like angel wings. It's odd that my brain creates these dream scenarios where I experience feelings I've never had in real life; I've never been shot or gut stabbed in real life, yet in my dreams it feels just how I would expect it to. My dreams are almost never peaceful; if they start out that way, they become chaos by the end. Some dreams I may have several times a year, and partway through the dream I'll realize that I'm in a dream I've had before. I recall reading an article that it's unusual or unheard of to hurt yourself by choice in a lucid dream. For the first time In a dream, I stabbed myself, though it was to save others. This was strange enough that I started doing research. I always remember my most action-packed dreams upon waking, but they fade if I don't write them down. Sometimes a real life situation will be a deja-vu of a dream I could have had years ago. Sometimes it seems like my dreams have control of me no matter what I try.

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