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Postby Vivia » 04 Mar 2014 09:18

I have been “accidentally” lucid dreaming for some years now. I have had sleep paralysis regularly since I was 15 and I have understood, that SP is an easy way to a lucid dream. However, the LDs I have had always occur when napping during the day, or on the weekends, when I love to go back to bed after breakfast. I have never managed to turn a SP into LD.

I have always felt, that my mind works on a different frequency than most of the people, if that makes any sense :) Hence the SP:s sleeping, dreaming, etc. has always intrigued me. Even though SPs are scary (yes, I see, hear and feel it all...) I have never hoped for them to stop! On the contrary if I don’t have a SP in a while I get concerned if I have lost them.

I only got interested in lucid dreaming about a month ago - I had heard about it already years ago, but for some reason this time it really caught my attention. During the accidental LDs which I have had, I have been merely able to choose what I would like to see: I mean, I haven’t controlled the happenings or been the active one in the dreams. Now I would like to have the complete control over my dreams. I feel like I would get “a second life” if I could do in my dreams whatever I like to do.

Well, that’s my short story :)

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