Hello everyone!!

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Re: Hello everyone!!

Postby Dreamometer » 22 Mar 2014 18:19

GalMutzafy wrote:I had maybe 5 LD in total,most of them I'm controlling my dream perfectly,by voice commends,by imagining it and so on.the only thing I can't control is the appearance of mirrors which I'm scared looking at :/ .every time I get lucid I have a strange feeling which I can't explain in English..and sometimes the fact that I'm the only "real" character in my dream sometimes make me feel uncomfortable..but I still have fun LD most of the times.i want to learn how to get lucid on my demand and face my fears,have fun enjoy it often.

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I think that you would probably see bad thinns in front if the mirror if you would expect it...

My suggestion that next time you will have a LD, summon a mirror and look at it and start asking what you see questions, it could help in my opinion.[/quote]

Actually, it's very unlikely that you will be able to see yourself in a mirror as you are,there always be a difference,but your expectation makes a big different, I agree. I hope that next time I'll have the ability to try.

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Re: Hello everyone!!

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Mar 2014 11:08

I saw a post of yours so thought I'd come and check your intro thread. Welcome to the site :)

:lol: another scared of mirrors. Im scared of them too. I once during a meditation had a scary experience with one. Ive never looked into a mirror in a LD (I will do it one day thou).
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Re: Hello everyone!!

Postby Ado » 04 May 2014 23:48

Hi Ron,

This is Avi, guess what?From Israel too, I think our community is growing here. I had a couple of LDs, but could not stay there for a long time. In the last days, I had a very strong sign that I was in a dream, but I could not realize it and I woke up frustrated . I am doing reality checks all the time, in order to get used to it. But I still not able to control my dreams entirely.

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