Hopeless helpless (flashy title only)

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Hopeless helpless (flashy title only)

Postby AnnaLina » 26 Sep 2014 19:16

Hello there!

I'm Ane, 17 (and pretty much a half) years old girl from Europe, interested in the concept of lucid dreaming. I've always had difficulty remembering my dreams, sometimes with better periods, and I've been keeping a dream journal for 1,5 years (or more, I don't know right now and I'm too lazy to go and check. For a long time for sure). Once I had a lucid, if it counts at all, I realized I was dreaming but the dream didn't go sharply clear or anything, I saw the story just go on. Then I had false awakening. Other times I tell people in my dream that "hey don't wake up but we are in a dream" and I don't consciously realize it myself, so it's kinda funny.

I started looking into LD seriously in the past days again, downloading app, scrolling through WLD (on my phone before I go to sleep, this way my mind is on the topic and if I break it down to pieces I won't run out of stuff to read for a long long time), also planning on trying guided meditation (tried meditating a few times but always fell asleep, I can be such a dummy at times). Right this past night I managed to remember a feeling from a dream, quite a few infos from another and a little bit from a third one, so that's pretty much a big deal for me.

During this summer on one night after hardly an hour of sleeping I woke up standing at my door, holding my baldachin in one hand, the light turned on in my room. I climbed back to bed only to realize the plastic stars on my ceiling were glowing, and that's when I freaked out. I sleepwalked, still remembering the moment when my consciousness flooded my body, and I was afraid to sleep that week. It was probably caused by overexcitedness, so since then I'm a little vary going to sleep when I'm not tired.

As appealing and awesome as it sounds, my goal in LD is not getting to know myself. I want to break free, I want to be free and do whatever I want for a change, make whatever world I want, have fun, that kind of stuff. Like living two lives, at least that's how I imagine it. I do whatever I have to during the day, then I go to sleep, have playtime, and even rest while at it.

I have my doubts that if I do manage LD because of my dream remembering and weird dreaming it won't last long, but along with my despair there's huge desire and longing in me for it, so I gotta try, yeah?

Hope I stick around :)

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Re: Hopeless helpless (flashy title only)

Postby dreamstudent » 26 Sep 2014 19:41

One thing since your not new but seems like you want to LD really bad is its important to dream journal make that your number one for now. Dream journaling from my experience has overall increased my dream recollection and recall ability ( I can remember dreams a lot better and easier). It also helps you to recognize the types of dreams you have and will increase your chances of going lucid more because you recognize what your dreams are like. For example many times I have gone lucid in a normal dream because from my dream journals I've recognized that in my dreams my architecture makes no logical sense (Ill be inside a building but there will be grass on the floor and it will have no roof). So many you could notice an anomaly in your dreams and use it to help you attain lucidity. Obviously there are induction methods but for a beginner lucid dreamer id say you should definitely try and use your dream journal a bunch. It will help I promise, I think anyway.

Good luck and I think you will find this forum a very useful tool if you continue to use it. Ive been here a few weeks and know I have definitely found it useful!

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