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I want to share my dreams

Posted: 24 Oct 2014 02:30
by StormSharkX
Hi, my name is Kris I am 36 years old from the UK and can guide myself into lucid dreams of paradise, I have practiced the same technique for years to enter lucid dream states and have mastered it to the point where I prefer my dreams to reality, the method I use I believe could be copied and adapted to suit individual specifics, I have never researched or joined discussions on this subject, my method is self developed and mastered to myself and now I want to share to with someone, am not trying to sell a book or anything, I have simply written a brief explanation of how I enter lucid dream states and have chosen to share my method here on this forum, I will post the full description and answer any question next in the general discussion area next for others to view and maybe gain a better understanding of my method.