Lucid Dreaming Skeptic

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Lucid Dreaming Skeptic

Postby skepticdreamer » 25 Dec 2014 04:16

Hi everyone.

I've experienced lucid dreams several times in my lifetime and always considered them to be a welcome fluke. Most of the time, as soon as I reach lucidity, I conjure up something sexual, but I can never retain anything substantial before waking up. But several months ago, I had the most powerful lucid dream I ever experienced. I felt alive in a way that I never felt before. I recognized my lucidity in the dream and afterwards, I was able to forcefully change my surroundings. I was raising mountains and skyscrapers, I felt them rumble and shake. I had a birds eye view of all I was creating and I felt like a God. I woke up sweaty and exhilarated, but I also felt a huge sense of loss.

After that moment, I began looking online and found a rather large community of people who claim to be able to control lucid dreaming to some degree. And that's when I felt two parts of me tear apart.

I felt suspicious, distrustful. I began to see these individuals as liars, making up fantasies that could never be proven. Posting nonsense in the form of a pseudo-science, just an entire community of people making up BS.

But on the other hand, I knew I felt this way because I was afraid it was true. That this ISN'T all fake. The implications would be staggering. I knew that I wanted this so, SO much.

I guess what I'm saying is: I want to know. I want a human to tell me that this is real, that they've been where I am and are now where I want to be, and I want to hear your personal journeys as well. And if this really is all true, I want this to be a part of my life. I'm really excited.

Anyway, thanks.

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Re: Lucid Dreaming Skeptic

Postby PKJacker » 25 Dec 2014 04:29

Welcome to the world of lucid dreaming!

I'm glad you decided to join the forum.

To address your distrust about this topic, I am also sceptical about what people report sometimes since I believed someone that said they did the impossible.

Now I just read what people do and think of the activities as fun things to try for myself. Even if they are impossible it would be a cool thing to try, just don't become obsessed with trying to complete the task and don't do anything dangerous.

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