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Hey! :) This is probably gonna be a really long post, so bear with me!

I'm fairly new to lucid dreaming. I started studying it a while back for a few weeks and was very interested in it, but then school got too busy and I never managed to start it back up again...

The dream that put lucid dreaming back on the map for me was a very interesting experience altogether. I don't remember a lot of the main dream plot but I do remember the end of it, right as I was waking up, in great detail. Some friends and I were at my house in the backyard, sitting at my picnic table (there were only 2 or 3 actual friends, and the rest of the people were their friends that I didn't associate with) My picnic table sits about 50 feet from my house in the backyard under a tree which I do not know the name of that turns pink in the spring. I was sitting in the middle, facing my house, and my friend Trevor was across from me. My other friend, also named Trevor, was on his right (from my perspective) and their accessory friends were filling the surrounding spots. Whatever was happening at the time in the dream was very important, but I don't remember what it was. That was the fade-out scene. The dream faded weirdly. It suddenly compacted and paused itself and turned into a movie screen, which was the only thing I could see. Everything else was black, and the screen just kept floating away and getting smaller, fading to a black and white picture like it was from an old time movie. I woke up, lifted up my head and was like "Oh shit, that was a dream!" I wanted to keep continuing on because of whatever the important thing was, so I just layed back down and as soon as I closed my eyes I felt a drifting sensation like I was getting pulled into a deep sleep and the dream was slowly coming back and fading back in, the same way it faded out. I'm pretty sure that I was experiencing a false awakening since the dream automatically came back, but I could never be sure because it felt so real. (I've had a few dreams that make me think I've had a conversation in reality that never happened, so it's nothing new) Anyway, I was definitely lucid as the dream was fading back and I was so excited that I managed to get my dream back and that I could follow the plot again. As the dream resumed, it started going back into color and I was back in perspective for a few seconds. I knew I was dreaming, but lucid dreaming was in the back of my mind. I was only focused on continuing the plot from where I'd left off. The dream didn't get far after I got back in, it just started fading out again like it was rejecting me. It wouldn't let me back in completely. I would try to get it back before it totally faded out and it would start to fade in again, continue from the one point I always continued at, then start fading out again. It was like I was battling the dream to get back in, and as soon as I succeeded, it managed to push me out and avoid me again. Frustrated, I woke up and immediately texted my best friend Amy about what happened, as we usually send each other a text of whatever we dreamt about upon awakening, sort of like a texting dream journal except that once we have a normal conversation it takes a while to scroll through messages so the dreams aren't very accessible. I've been having a lot of dreams that are the same as this one in the sense that I know that I'm dreaming, but I kind of just acknowledge it and then keep on with the dream plot. I haven't had another one that's replicated the fading thing though. The realization that I've been semi-lucid a few times presents the fact that I missed a few times to be fully lucid if I had been practicing for it, and that's what made me start back up at this whole scene again.

My goal for now is to be able to successfully accomplish a WBTB or WILD. In the future I hope to be able to create 1 or 2 dream characters to talk to, befriend, and then have fun with them. I envision it like having a Finn and Jake from Adventure time, and whenever I go to lucid dream land I can call upon them and have them go on adventures with me. My ultimate goal is to be able to have my own fantasy world, like if I could go and live in the Lord of the Rings during my dreams, except with a different world that I had created from scratch. I don't even know if it's remotely possible, but the idea is cool. And of course, I also want to experience all of the general stuff that lucid dreaming offers.

I've started a dream journal of sorts by typing out dreams in a notepad on my phone when I wake up, and it might be small but my recall is pretty good already, and I'm working on reality checks as well. I attempted a WBTB last night, but it was a horrible failure. I went to sleep at ~1:30 AM, set my alarm for 7:30 AM and actually woke up ~15 minutes before it went off. I got up and went pee, then sat on the couch reading about lucid dreaming, watching TV until around 7:50. I then went and laid down and I couldn't fall asleep for anything. I laid there until 8:38 AM and then decided that I wasn't going to fall asleep and gave up. I still couldn't fall asleep for a LONG time. I eventually did sleep, and I woke up at ~10:30 AM, after having a long dream about me going to school that was surprisingly normal, I had a false awakening (didn't realize it at the time) and went to grab my books & makeup homework from on my desk because of something my teacher said in the dream. (I'm on winter break atm, I was sick the whole last week of school due to the flu and I have a pile of makeup work that I'm currently procrastinating) I ended up being mindfucked because as soon as I opened my folder the dream ended and I woke up for real. That was my first time experiencing a false awakening of this nature in a while, and it's kind of frustrating but at the same time the dream world never ceases to amaze me.

Anyway, just wanted to share a few experiences and my goals, etc. to start up my involvement here. I apologize if my post is a little messy, as I'm jumping around and editing it a lot and probably have a few errors that I've created as a result. I hope to have a great time on these forums and I can't wait to continue on my journey to achieve lucidity. Have a great day! :)

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