Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Postby SUNSHINE » 04 Jan 2015 18:35

Hello, sorry about the previous post & I appreciate your reply, but will just stick w/my own experiences from now on!! I had never heard of lucid dreaming, was researching OBE and came upon it. Happened to read about flying & told my girl friend that I have flown in my dreams 3 times that I remember. The first was off the top of a bunkbed when I was little (yep, Peter Pan!) The other times were just lately in my grandmother's house. I was just showing off for friends rising off the floor a bit and then I floated to the ceiling and around the room but none of my friends were even excited! I sure was when I read that I could have been lucid dreaming. I am open-minded & was fascinated by stories about OBE told by my friend, but she was frightened about being my guide, so just forgot about it till now. I would love to get out of the house & go flying friend likes to go look at stars but I'll pick something of my own after more reading. It seems to me I was lucid dreaming, do you think so? This is so interesting--I'll be looking thru the forum often and trying ideas to have a lucid dream! Thanks!
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Postby Lucinda » 04 Jan 2015 19:14

Don't take this the wrong way, because this is my own personal opinion. Astral projection, is the same as lucid dreaming. Surely you understand the connection, since you've posted on a Lucid dreaming forum. You say drugs were involved? This could have a major influence on his behavior. Depending on the drugs (for example, bath salts) they cause the user to be unaware exactly of what they are doing, and act extremely peculiar. Even that sense of "it's not THEM" is there, because they don't seem like themselves. In fact, drugs would explain everything he did. The whole OBE thing, wouldn't explain any of it. However, (sorry, this is gonna come from my own beliefs), it is possible that through attempting this 'astral projection' he did indeed get something evil attached to him. However this is unlikely, and hard to believe, depending on what you believe in. Are you atheists? Or? I only ask, because It would help to know your point of view. Anyhow, shapeshifters... unlikely too, sorry. If this is some kind of 'evil' entity, or dare i say a demon, then I guess the outcome of that would depend what you believe in as well. That black hole thing. Wow. That sounds pretty terrifying actually, but... I still can't be certain it's even real. Sorry again. I want to add, You should tell her, she doesn't have to feel guilty. She didn't do anything wrong whatsoever. Even if Astral Projection was real(sorry again, don't be offended, please) he made the choice to do it. She didn't force him. So, the outcome, was't her doing.
Bottom line is, AP and OBE's are almost certainly Lucid dreams. I've had 4 Lucid dreams. ALL of which I have a "OBE". I wake up in my bed, and see my body. The thing is, there's almost never other people, there, when there is, fictional people are usually there. :P and then I go to fictional places. So, That's my own little proof to myself that AP and OBE's are simply Lucid dreams. Of course, with the intention to AP or OBE, it will seem more real, because your mind is stuck on the intent of that.
Okay, I hope that is somewhat helpful, and not offending in anyway. Like I said, this is all my own personal belief, and should not effect what you believe in, and is certainly not meant to waver your beliefs.

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