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Posted: 23 Nov 2015 02:51
by Lus Gus
Hello Everyone,

Let me cut the chase. I have been having these dreams that are really prophetic. But as every prophecy, even those in the Bible, they do not come bright clear, they come shrouded in disguise in a manner that I only realize they were prophetic after I see them unfolding before me in real life.

For instance, I sometimes dream of me somewhere talking to someone and after some days I do find myself in that exact spot talking to that person. I have heard many times that this is simply ‘déja-vu’, or that I had been in some place before that looked like the one I dreamt of and that I talked before to another person who seemed like the one in my dream. Then when it happen it is just a great coincidence, a play of my mind. Well, that is the psychological explanation. But I know what happened to me. I know that what I saw in my dram was entirely new and unique beforehand, not just a fancy of my mind.

Want proof of that? I can see the PowerBall numbers beforehand. So why aren’t you a millionaire yet, you would ask? That is a very good question. I have tried very hard, I must confess. But to add in my own defense I remind you what I said in the beginning of my introduction: prophecies usually have the characteristic of being blurred. We just realize them after it is too late. So, the numbers I see in dreams come in a jumble. I just cannot make the exact combination to pocket in the jackpot.

That is why I am joining this forum. I will share my dreams with you, my dreamt numbers, that is, and you can make whatever you wish with them. Just tell me if you got any luck and be kind enough to donate some of your proceeds to some noble cause. As for me, I just want some material proof of this gift and help others if possible with it.

By the way, I am a religious person: a Christian. But I am also very open-minded and love the subject of compared religion. I am also involved with mathematics, statistics and physics in my daily trade. So I cannot reach any conclusion of what is happening to me. I can find explanations in the spiritual frame of mind and in the logical. The first would tell me that these dreams are sent to me with one purpose, either good or evil. The latter would tell me that if science has it that in some distant galaxy it were possible to look back to our own planet, at exactly the same time (and here is the catch, because we all know light travels at a speed and though very fast do take a lot of time to travel from one galaxy to another, notwithstanding the bends of gravity I between) the person or being in that other galaxy would see my future.

Well, food for your thoughts (or dreams, should I say…) The first numbers I would like to share with you today, the 22nd November 2015 are:

61 67 ?3? 24 / 17 9

The question marks around the ‘three’ is because this number was the blurred one in my drams. The dash means that first I dreamt of the first group of numbers and then with the second group. Please also bear in mind that 61 does not necessarily means sixty-one. The important thing in my drams is that it is more important the six and the one, for example sixty-something and one followed by something else. Nevertheless, do not rule out sixty-one altogether. See what I mean… It is kind of blurry, not straight as I wished them to be.


Posted: 05 Dec 2015 18:48
by Enra Traz
You wanna travel in my time machine? I invite you to see the future crystal clear! ;-)