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Hello, absolute newbie to lucid dreaming. :)

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 18:43
by Tigersan
Hello to all of you!

I have been reading on the subject, watching youtube videos with instructions, and granted i have been actively trying
for barely 3 days. So far I realized how my REM cycles work and that if i wake myself up at say 4am and fall asleep again
my dreams are more vivid and i can remember them more... Started performing reality checks, been doing it for 2 days
now, im counting my fingers about every hour... I also started my dream journal 2 days ago it has already 2 entries one
from today, and one from yesterday :).

After a while I decided to ask real people about advice, rather than listening to someone that may have other motivation
than to help anyone actually become lucid, like selling his book or raising their popularity on youtube...

This is my short, VERY short history hehe :)

Re: Hello, absolute newbie to lucid dreaming. :)

Posted: 15 Sep 2016 10:25
by Dane
hey tigersan, welcome!

try to incorporate meditation on a daily basis.
this help you increase your awareness. ;)

Best of Luck!