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Re: Lucid Granny

Postby Petal » 21 Apr 2017 23:17

Lucidè I haven't put you in my foe list. I'm not the sort of person who has foes. I either talk or I don't. Even if I did you wouldn't be on it. Your far too interesting and I really don't mind people disagreeing with me.
I also don't disagree with you on everything. I actually read far more than I reply to on this forum and I like it that you argue with your friend salamander...whoops... I mean sumerlander. I even catch a few of your posts when you delete them or alter them. ;)
It's actually quit hard for me to keep up with this forum because of the sort of person I am. It takes me a long time to formulate and understand my own ideas and sometimes by then the discussion has moved on. I've also experience somethings that are very "ghostly" that I'm not comfortable with and would probably upset more than you if I wrote about them. I have had similar experiences to your pervert dream, just perhaps not to dramatic. Maybe weirder though and some people would says it just a dream or I'm making it up. I can't prove that any of its real, but it puzzles me. I'm looking for credible explanation that ring true to me and how I experience awareness, which I think is likely very different to yours. I am not blessed with the best of circuitry but I do try to be objective. This takes time and in the meantime I doing other stuff and learning other stuff for my job. It's good that this forum exist and that scientists are starting to look at things. It's better than the stupid occult "goth"nonsense that was the around in my youth. Not that I don't like goth culture. I don't like superstition or anybody telling me I can't possibly think or do that because god says, or because your a girl or even because it doesn't fit some prize science, or worse psuedoscience that hasn't been proven to any useful degree. Some people on this forum are so silly, there only aguement is "you can't believe in that because it doesn't fit with what I believe." Then, I actually like it when summerlander turn up. I'm not sure I could take him on, if he or someone as sharp disagreed with me. This is why I am careful what I write. I'm actually at work as I write this and I need to gets some sleep to get my crew ready for an outing. I can't think to write about my dreams tonight but I will try and explain why I don't think I'm "ghosting" another time.
Anyhow, Kind Regards. I hope to see you about...

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Re: Lucid Granny

Postby lucidé » 22 Apr 2017 02:52

Personally I only argue in favor of the science based answers when it comes to lucid dreaming, because if you were to read the main website, I get most of my answers on there. It doesn't really have to do with anything Summerlander is saying in the least.
Although I am not exactly 100% sure what goes on with the dream spying myself. I only have my chance guess based on an assumption I made when I flipped 100 tails in a row, or when I beat my boss at 50 card games in a row. Since I would prefer to avoid conflict on the subject, I go with this argument so that I can post my dream spying experiences on here with safety.
Believe it or not, I am very careful what I write on here as well. I keep many of my personal thoughts on a dream journal in a different website, where only a few other users can read them, however most of them I had to edit down. I used to write about my incidents of dream spying and dream meshing 10 years ago on my own website, but then people got really mad at me for doing that and my website got taken down and I was banned from the server. I've been careful about them since, and even one time when all I wrote about was a meshed lucid dream my friends and I had where we entered a cave in the mountains between Pakistan and Afganistan, and heard the words in a meeting some Islamic people had in there, some Islamic people were threatening my dream journal in Arabian to have it banned. It was a very stupid reason for them to get so angry at us, just over some lucid dream my friends and I all had. I still had to remove the full version of my lucid dream, so the website wouldn't remove my dream journal. Like I said before, I won't reveal the link to my DJ where everyone can see it, as I don't want to get criticized again.

Don't I know about discrimination against not being allowed to do something because someone says no? With society the way it is, I could be threatened with the psych ward if I don't agree with society on certain subjects, that is in public areas. The psych ward is willing to take and torture just about anyone, not just the mentally ill, because they can drain the $$ out of their victim, as well as the sanity, because they can force their victim to comply to what they want while locked up inside of there through various means of torture. It is a fate worse than both death and prison should you end up in that place (while I could use an indefinite lucid dream to escape, it wouldn't work here, as they would probably just zap my brain to get me to wake up). The real reason why I choose to follow directions was just one time I behaved differently on another website, and not only did I get "banned", but users called the police on me, to try to have me escorted to the psych ward (yes, there are some users who really are THAT mean). At least the police cut me some slack and didn't take me away.
An example of lucid dreaming: (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example:

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Re: Lucid Granny

Postby lestrahenry » 08 May 2017 18:10

Hi Folks,
Petal, Lucide and Erichsa thanks for your responses. I have been busy , sick relative and all. Nice to know that someone older is doing great things, I am almost sure you have no friends who do LD to converse with, if you do please tell me where you live so that I can move there. You see, according to Tom Campbell and other physicists we live in a digital reality and nothing is really solid. We download any information we need to use and it looks "real." We are consciousness playing a game very much like a video game. Our bodies are avatars, that is why some people have OBE's and NDE's , they actually see their bodies separate. TC's theory says that consciousness goes to the dream reality and there it takes up a dream avatar while OBE is just consciousness exploring other realities without an avatar. This is the first reason I got interested in LD, I am taking baby steps. When I was 12 years old I started doing yoga and studied books by Lobsang Rampa, {nobody speaks of him now} anyway, I tries to astral travel and got very scared, now I am getting rid of my fears and I want to test TC's Theory {MyBig ToE}. It took me over 50 years to get some guts. I am so amazed to see you brave, open minded young people. Folks in my country are so backward when it comes to metaphysics. Bye for now. Thanks again.

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