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Hi! from Australia

Posted: 27 May 2017 15:22
by mihaela
I am Mihaela from Australia. I often have lucid dreams when I am totally aware of my environment (dream environment) and can decide how to act. I had them since childhood, and I understand that this is common in children and youth, but now I am nearly 50. I never tried to have lucid dreams by any techniques, although I want to have them. The problem is that my dreams are interesting but not always pleasant and when they become too unpleasant I become more and more aware that it is a dream and I wake up. It would be nice if I would learn how to change them because at the moment I can decide how to act (e.g. hide or run or protect someone else) but cannot change the environment, which is often hostile. I have to admit that not all my dreams are hostile but I had some amazing experiences where I was in awe.

So, thank you so much for having me here and I am sure I will learn a lot and at the same time I will share my experiences with you.

Re: Hi! from Australia

Posted: 27 May 2017 16:03
by mihaela
Thank you, 24/7/365!