Hello everyone

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Hello everyone

Postby andromeda » 18 Jun 2017 11:30

First of all, I'm sorry for eventual mis-spells but English is not my first language (italian is), so please, whoever is reading this, be patient...

My name is Michelangelo (I often shorten it with Mick).
I have little experience with lucid dreams but I have always been intrested in discover the secrets of the lucid dreaming world, meditation, 4th dimension and so on, so... here I am.
I am still very young (I'm 17) so I probably won't have many stories to tell, but I registered here so that I could find out if some of my experiences can be similar to some of yours. I find it very difficult to tell if there's a specific meaning behind the majority of my dreams sometimes, because they're always so full of different elements that I can't seem to analyze well, so I've always been looking for answers somewhere, and I hope to find them here.
But anyways.

I often use a sort of WBTB dream tecnique, and it always seemed to function. I said "sort of" because usually, as you see in the description of the tecnique, you set an alarm in the morning and stay awake and conscious for at least 20 minutes before going back to sleep, and so on. The difference is that I seem to do this process almost naturally (I wake up early in the morning without an alarm, stay awake for 15/20 minutes or so and then I fall asleep again).
I often have lucid nightmares too, in fact since I was little I always gained lucidity in dreams because of the fear that took place in that situations.

This said, thanks to the author for this website. It really is a blessing.
Nice to meet everyone !
To live is just to fall asleep, to die is to awake.

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