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Hello all

Posted: 29 Jun 2017 20:42
by Scritch
Hello I'm Ethan. I've been trying for my first lucid dream for about 4-5 days.
No results yet however I've been busy:
I've started some simple meditation.
I've started a dream journal. (Not to toot my own horn but my Dream recall is already good)
I've done reality checks. Although I'm having trouble taking them personally and making a habit of them.
I've also set a sleeping schedule to get to sleep quicker. (Ever since I started my mind has chattered a bit before falling asleep)
I'm looking forward to learning more about LD'ing and meeting you all.

Have a good day.

Re: Hello all

Posted: 03 Jul 2017 23:06
by naturespirit
Sorry for the late reply, but welcome!
You seem to be off to a good start.
Have a great time and have plenty of lucid dreams.