Young dreamer seeking old dream excitement

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Young dreamer seeking old dream excitement

Postby Durzon » 27 Aug 2017 12:15

Hey all,

I'm Durzon and I have for the past year been smoking weed rather feverishly and my dreams have begun to fade away just like my memory sometimes. I was coming here to try to be able to continue my expensive yet enjoyable habit while being able to experience the intensity of dreams that I used to have back when i was a sober kid. I read fantasy I even read GoT before it was cool! I watch tons of shows including but not limited to adventure time, gravity falls, Mr. Robot, breaking bad, and Avatar TLAB, and tons more. The gym and what I eat is a big part of my life and I try to buy and eat from the school reasonably well. I am working to become a Culinary Scientist and just trying to get through college right now. The biggest thing that resonated with me was when reading what I could accomplish with Lucid Dreaming is that I could ask my subconscious if it has anything to tell me, because lately I have been struggling a bit and want to know if I should ask for help. Even writing this my eyes tear up a bit thinking about it. I'm a huge mess right now and hope that the happiness and relief through meditation and inner consolation I can start to work back to the TOP cuz momma didn't raise a loser.

Anyways feel free to drop in and say Hi i'm very glad I found this website.

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Re: Young dreamer seeking old dream excitement

Postby Xanous » 27 Aug 2017 15:57

The meditation is going to help you so much, but the smoking is whats getting you. Everything is a balance. Can you cut back on it?

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Re: Young dreamer seeking old dream excitement

Postby Durzon » 28 Aug 2017 04:14

@xanaous I've tried, but when i sit by my computer and it's there with my bong there I just hit it cuz I enjoy it so much. The meditation I've tried while attempting to go Lucid before this site, I was astonished that the 4-7-8 count or i was doing 4-7-6 breathing eventually made me feel like I was high.

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Re: Young dreamer seeking old dream excitement

Postby baccuss » 23 Sep 2017 08:48

Long time stoner here
You can lucid dream as you are. Although it is far easier if you give it up for a few days.
I am Mr Robot... Never done anything else but IT security.

All you have to do is ask your unconscious. Seriously... just ask and have faith.

It will answer anything you really want to know.

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