a new out look on life, and possible lucid dreamer

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a new out look on life, and possible lucid dreamer

Postby thedigi321 » 05 Sep 2017 03:40

right now my out look on life is as bleak as it can get, its borderline unsympathetic ti nearly any one, and i dont sleep right, i think i have...lucid dreamed before but they are really odd, and believe it or not future telling in a way, in those dreams im going along with the dreams one big one was where i was in college at a pizza party, i heard every conversation with my friends, we three were talking about how my and my friend, lets call him bill, and lakin, talked about our friend...Chelsea, now lakin and Chelsea didnt have a good past, lakin was a b!#@% and made Chelsea life hell. lakin was talking about how chelsea was an uncontrollable wild animal, i just started to defend Chelsea, and say that she wasnt a bad person just misunderstood and everyone needs to find their own way to adulthood, Lakin got really upset and looked towards bill for agreement. bill didnt want to have any part of the conversation and said he didnt think Chelsea was bad, but she just needed to stay calm after that, bill left to get a drink and another piece of pizza, i asked him what kind of drink and he said the best kind, Pepsi, and he said he was going to get a pepperoni pizza, lakin was really upset still asking how i could defend such a litlle B@&#$ and asked if i loved Chelsea, i started to dream that i was sick to my stomach and went to the window get some air and see the outside world for a bit, when the dream was ending a meteor crashed to the ground and ended the dream, so i kept a mental note of it because when i have had dreams like that with meteor it is usually should that will happen at some point, now i didnt know that their was even a pizza party going to happen until six months later, the exact situation happen up until i went to the window, when these dreams and reality come together its a very weird feeling, and it takes me back a bit when it happens...

im looking to understand myself, and why i am like i am, and maybe get some good sleep. i hear voices and see things that arent there, and...i started to block out memories of my life, i know they are there but i cant see them, im hoping to unlock my potential and make my life better, one goal is to talk to future employers in a professional manner, learn public speaking, learn to talk to people and not be awkward, in a sense learn to grow up, and one more goal, talk to my subconscious, learn how to make it happy, this may sound odd but i had a dream i knew i was dreaming, because my intent was to "go home" we had moved and i missed the old house so bad that i wanted to relive there of a bit, i willed myself into there from another dream by waking up in my old home i started to talk to my friends as they were when i last saw them 6-10 years old now that was 2001-2013 with all different friends so most were there, my 3 of my friends were on our neighbor lawn on a brown couch i went to talk to them and they just had this dead eyes stare like they had seen something horrible, then i went to my neighbors shed and found two more friends around 6 years old in swimming trunks and a small kiddie pool they also had dead eye stares and speaking gibberish, when i wanted to wake up i couldnt it was like something was stopping me, so i went to my friends house down the road, and a dark mist start to cover the entire dream in darkness i finally woke up but i was still sad for the next week i had the same dream but this time i didnt want to stay there, so i started screamming at everyone that i didnt belong there and stop bring me here, everything melted when i woke up i felt like i just yelled my best friend i was deeply sad since then i havent felt intune with myself i think talking to my subconscious would help

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Re: a new out look on life, and possible lucid dreamer

Postby baccuss » 23 Sep 2017 08:35

UH.......need to read over that a few times.

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