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Hello/ my lucid state.

Posted: 26 Sep 2017 19:23
Hello I'd like to I would like to say thanks for creating this forum. My names Rob I'm 21 and i'm from the midlands in England, I have had versus lucid dreams through my life and I have always wanted to have better Control over them, so I thought it's about time I started learning how. Last I was listening to an audio book I had wanted to read for a wile, it was the last in a series that I read when I was younger. I finished the audio book in the night and put my phone and earphones away in a half asleep state. I was sad that I had got to the end and I wished it could carry on, about 10 minutes later I forgot I had finished it and stopped listening because i was half asleep. For the next few hours I had a voice in my head that I thought was the next part of the audio book as it was very detailed and was worded like the rest of the book, but when I opened my eyes I realised it wasn't. I wasn't even wear earphones and my phone was off. Has anyone had anything like this?

Re: Hello/ my lucid state.

Posted: 26 Sep 2017 20:15
by Sean Jacobs
Welcome ROB.SM.

I have never had an experience like yours, sorry.

Congrats on having lucid dreams. I hope you have success in gaining more control.