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Hi People

Posted: 06 Oct 2017 13:53
by sadpin
Hi everyone my name is sherif i am from egypt but currently i am studying in germany.

i started lucid dreaming around four years ago . i used to think that i don't dream , that is actually how bad i was in remembering my dreams. however one day i stepped upon lucid dreaming , i found it really interesting so i bought couple of books and started practicing. i moved from not remembering a single dream to remembering couple each night.

i had my first dream after 1 week of training it was very short the second one came to me two weeks later however that was the longest lucid dream i had yet. at one point i did a challenge to complete 90 consecutive days with at least one dream remembered. i also challenged my self to do every dream check in my dreams to feel how it really is. i even trained my self to fly which for some reason very hard for me to achieve, then i went to control the speed and even just hover around like magneto .

last year i had no time to practice so i lost the skill but i intend to start again seriously and advance more. i still have some of my gains like i can easily remember my dreams, i have no nightmares ever now and i have so many semi-lucid dreams. i am looking forward to new enjoyable experience so wish me luck. :)

Re: Hi People

Posted: 13 Oct 2017 00:53
by LDer Charles
Thanks! I am not that consistent with lucid dreaming yet but I've been keeping a dream journal since 2012 and I like to remember my dreams. Do you have any tips about dream recall? Also please share some of your lucid dreaming stories if you have the time because I really like to read other people's lucid dreaming stories and I think it will inspire me to help have my own and it is just cool to hear how things work in lucid dreams