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New Lucid Dreamer

Posted: 19 Oct 2017 03:32
by CamSlam
Hello everyone,

My name is Cameron or you can call me Cam for short. I've recently decided to get into Lucid Dreaming because of one of the benefits I've heard about it was the exploration of one's creativity within the dream. One thing you guys probably should know is that I'm Deaf and hard of hearing, I've worn a Cochlear Implant since I was two years old currently 21 now. So I don't know if any of you have any information on deaf people with lucid dreaming because I go to bed without the CI to recharge the battery. The reason I wanted to get into lucid dreaming because of the creativity since my interest is in Films and Graphic Design. I've watched plenty of films about lucid dreaming and I'm sure some of you have seen the popular one called Inception by one of my favorite directors, Christopher Nolan. I would like to kind of explore my dreams like Inception or a space travel lol. Just something to get my creative juice flow so I can start coming up with great movie ideas.

Re: New Lucid Dreamer

Posted: 17 Nov 2017 21:06
by Juckles
your mind does have the ability to make you hear things in your dreams might take some subconscious reprogramming but you can do it if you want to hear things loud and clear you can do it in a dream i have a friend who has done it its possible