Storm riding

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Storm riding

Postby Stormrider » 19 Oct 2017 10:09

Hi, Stormrider here. I chose this name because I dreamt about using a storm to fly to some cool places in my past, but not in my real past... crazy sounding, huh? Several times I have re-visited past dreams...
Sometimes when I wake up I have to convince myself what is reality and what is dream! My latest dream was of me protecting my sister (died 20+ years ago) from a wizard assassin. He threw a fireball at her and I stepped in front of her and counter attacked making the wizard run off. Shows that I miss her still and sad that I couldn't protect her in real life from cancer.
Anyway, I'm 59 years old, on anti-depressants, anxiety and pain meds riding real life storms. I appreciate the place here to share some of my remembered dreams as a conscious contributor, and those I start in from the conscious state.
The dream with my sister started just after I tested the dream state (pushing my finger through my hand). For some reason the finger wouldn't go through my palm, yet I still knew I was dreaming... I may need to figure a new test, but at least it helped me to be lucid though not in total control.

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