hey guys-New and curious

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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hey guys-New and curious

Postby 1is2many » 01 Dec 2017 07:47

My name is Kelly, I live in Florida. I have experienced all kinds of crazy sleep and dream things for years now. Im 26 years old. First, I've experienced night terrors and sleep paralysis quite frequently. Ive experienced all different types of sleep paralysis with terrors such as demons in the room, oddly enough they've never been on my chest though. Ive seen and heard demons mostly, but also intruders outside the window. Ive experienced hallucinations when waking up, most recently it was a plane almost crashing into my house. I have sky windows in my room so this was very real to me and I was partially awake so of course it seemed real. After researching and reading about sleep paralysis and night terrors, I began to experience lucid dreaming. I would be well aware that I was dreaming because after a while I started doing it on purpose, and I was able to wake up, in my dream world, and I could look around my room to make sure something was different or "off", and that would confirm to me that I was in my lucid dream. Then I could fly out my window and go fly around my town. Ive also been able to fly into space one time, and look down at the Earth. I had to practice flying actually. By running and jumping out of my window in my lucid dream, sometimes hitting the window and sometimes landing in the back yard or in a palm tree. My next experience I believe has been astral projection. This is where I feel my spirit leaving my body. It feels like I am tumbling in circles up to the ceiling of my bedroom, but it doesn't feel like I have much control of my body. Sometimes I get scared, not because I think or feel a presence in the room, but because I have the awareness that there have been times Ive experienced evil presences in sleep paralysis so even though I don't feel that way when I astral preject I usually get scared and try to wake up and be back in my physical body. ONE TIME only, I felt like instead of floating out of my body I was able to control my movements. My spirit body felt super heavy and hard to function. I was able to basically crawl my heavy spirit body into my living room, and hold on to rails and furniture for support in pulling myself to the living room. My lucid dreams have been experiences when my body did NOT feel heavy, I was able to fly and make things appear in my dream and I was FULLY aware I was dreaming. The astral projection experiences feel like I have less control but I think ive floated into the sky before. I am aware when its happen that its happening. The time I had some control over my spirit body and was using furniture to lift my heavy spirit body parts, Im not sure if that was astral projection or lucid dreaming. I cant remember if I flew and im not sure if I gained control or if I remained feeling super heavy. I was wondering a few things. What do my descriptions sound like to someone who knows more than me about this stuff? Am I doing both astral projection and lucid dreaming? Also, sometimes I get caught in dream loops, well nightmare loops, that get worse and worse. But the thing about them is that they aren't lucid dreams, I am totally not aware im dreaming even though I keep waking up and going back to sleep and they get worse and worse until the big bad ending, like facing the demon happens. But its always a dream. Not a lucid dream, and not even sleep paralysis with symptoms of terrors. its like, a nightmare loop. what is this? Anyways, I did not think I was about to write a novel to introduce myself. thanks guys. -Kelly

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Re: hey guys-New and curious

Postby 24/7/365 » 03 Dec 2017 19:16

I have a short attention span

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