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Posted: 24 Apr 2018 21:13
by dreamoverflow
Hi everyone, from a french dreamer,

I've recently discovered this forum, and I'm interested to increase my potential and to share my experiences. In the past, very many many years ago, I had some troubles during sleeping, and some very stranges experiences, like sleep paralysis, or kind of nightware with many wake-up before the real wake-up, or hypnagogic hallucinations, and some remember of very rarely lucide dreams, but not particular interest on.

And sometime, a fews lucids dreams, but more and more over the time, until I'm doing search on the web and seeing lot of informations on that subject and technics to improve the frequency. Normals people doesn't take care about that, and ignore that kind of discussion.

I've also have paranormals experiences during dreaming, so that I'm interested in a possible communication throught dreams but I'm not expert to make too many dreams to achieves that seriously as I would...

More recently I've took some melatonin to improve my sleep quality, and it helped me sometimes to have interesting sleep experiences. I'm mostly a rational person, but some experiences trouble me, and are not explained by science, so maybe I will have some echo here, and together maybe discorvers some paths.

I thought, thoughtlessly, I've developped over the time my own technic that have finally induced lucids dreams, because when I've searched over the Web some technic, some remind me what I've done intuitively, without particular objective.

I'm happy to join you, guardians of the dreams !

Re: Introdution

Posted: 24 Apr 2018 22:17
by LDer Charles
Hi dreamoverflow! Welcome! We're glad to have you here :)