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Postby Shiris » 10 Jul 2018 23:52

For a while now I've been searching for the true nature of reality.

I've gone through a conspiracy phase, only to realize that ultimately everyone does what's best for the self, which gives the appearance of organized groups trying to suppress people.

I've gone through a phase of believing everyone is evil, only to realize that everything is pre determined so ultimately no one chooses to do evil actions and over time everyone uses free will to renounce them like a learning child.

I've gone through a phase of solipsism and everyone being one being living parallel lives, only to realize that in no way was I or we above nature.

I could go on, but the point is that I've been searching for the "truth" about reality. Ultimately I've been trying to figure out how to remember past lives which no one seems able to do. Even those who claim to have cosmic consciousness are not able to. A Buddhist or neo-advaitist would think there is no memories to remember, but that's not good enough for me.

Call me crazy but just like Rene Descartes said "I think therefore I am", I exist therefore I exist and will never cease to exist. A requirement is having past life memories.

I have realized that the almost best way to regain an old sense of self is to wake up from a dream. But if we're in a dream and we also dream at night, we could just keep waking up. Then I wondered, what if the dream world at night is the true reality. Lucid dreaming is then just the ability to move between realities. Each morning we come back to earth, and because our body exists independently in this reality, our past dream memories of earth are stored in the current body giving the appearance of having a life with birth and death. It solves all the problems I can think of regarding being eternal and somehow missing memories. While in this body we simply can't handle the entirety of our soul or whatever you call it that you fly around in at night, and most aren't fully conscious even in a lucid dream.

It explains Jainism and the cathars which have a lot of similarities other than one believes in god, the other doesn't. Both have a ritual of fasting when dying and similar structures of their societies. In Jainism losing all desires is required to attain moksha. Like any religion I believe there is a degree of fundamentalism is which many have lost their way such as believing the earth is flat. However I now suspect that the purpose was to lose earthly addictions in order to be able to travel anywhere in dream space and therefore attaining liberation.

It's not due to evil forces that we are here though, simply that we are born in the cycle of rebirth and the ultimate goal is to be free of it. It's possible other religions had the same roots, but there's a lot of nonsense nowadays.

Anyways I just wanted to share that to explain why I'm here and was wondering if anyone else realized that becoming lucid is possibly the way to attaining liberation from reincarnation?

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Re: Hello!

Postby Shynia » 12 Jul 2018 20:03

Hello Shiris!

I'm still a new member of this forum but welcome :)

It was nice to read your deeply philosophic chain of thought (shortened, I understand) and funny to see how I have had similar thoughts (not all of course and not exactly the same way, but pretty close). I am wondering myself and hoping there is more than just this life or plain of existence but I was raised very scientific (I hope that's the correct word?). My father was pretty short and unmoving in these questions (what happens after death, is there a god, etc). He would just ask me "do you remember anything from when you weren't born? Well I don't, because I didn't exist. For that, when I stop existing, I won't have a brain to remember, so it will be the same. Nothingness." (yep, I wasn't even ten and yep, traumatised ma e little but oh well).

So with this in mind, I always wanted to believe that there has to be something else, that we don't just cease to exist, that cannot be. Of course, how should you prove it?
I'm thinking the same things you wrote, like the plains of existence in dreams (non lucid and lucid ones). One dream I had when I was very young is the only thing that gives me hope, that there actually really is something beyond our worldly lives. I always remembered vividly what I was dreaming and I enjoyd recaping it in the morning in bed. I mostly could put the puzzle together why I dreamt what I dreamt (impressions from a few days ago, movies I watched, things I heard, pictures I imagined while doing something, etc). But one dream I could remember from when I had to be around 3 or 4 years old and I just couldn't have witnessed anything for those pictures in the dream.

In the dream I saw a swing, slowly moving in the wind, like a pendulum, only a few centimeters. I didn't have a dream body or consciousness, just seeing the swing, zooming slowly in on it. While this zooming, three or four times there was a flash and I saw an endless plain of bones. Every kind of bones, skulls, ribcages, everything. Human. Everything was pretty dark, like whle late twilight in the evening, when it's not actually dark but almost, and everything was in a violet light (or darkness, whatever). My point of view was as if I was watching through one of the skulls empty eyesockets. Then too, without body or consciousness, just the image. And the swing again, nearer. Then the bones. They even were like hills, where the bones were higher.

I remember this dream so perfectly and it wasn't scary or anything, I just cannot explain it. I had a book where there was a boy, you could see how organs worked and muscles, even how our sceleton looks like. But that simply cannot be the "source" of the dream. Of course we had tv and one of my theories is that I saw a horror movie (allthough I love horror movies and I would say I saw most of them, the good ones and the bad ones :lol: ) but yeah... you see, that's the only thing that let's me hope for more.

Haven't found any satisfactory theory yet, though... I even tried to make an astral projection but either I did it wrong or it just isn't "real" and every info on the internet is fake (yes, I know that most of it is fake but there always is a slight hope that someone tells the truth at least).

Would love to write more but have to go! Anyway, hoping to have a chat or two with you!

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