Hello all

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Hello all

Postby Kspol » 10 Aug 2018 16:31

Hi everyone. I've just found this site after having my first lucid dream in years last night, and it was a particularly unsettling one!

First, some background. I have always had really vivid dreams, and always remembered them. Everyone I've ever dated has commented on the fact that in the morning I have like three dreams to tell them out about, with complex plots etc. I'm 25 now, and I haven't had a lucid dream in a really long time. I used to get them quite a bit, I guess in my mid-late teens. Usually, they were extremely brief, and I found it really difficult to do much to control them. I was able to reshape the landscape and stuff with relative ease, but if I was 'conjuring' things I would have to shut my eyes really tightly; sometimes the thing would manifest, sometimes it wouldn't. But, regardless, I frequently ended up waking myself up in the process, and the lucidity would only last me a very short time. I was into it, though, and I did little bits of research and tried to encourage lucidity - and at one point I was lucid practically every night. Then I had a dream that was a small but really clear premonition - I basically dreamt that this perfume bottle on my bedside table smashed in a very specific, particular way, and then when I woke up I accidentally knocked it off and it did smash, in exactly that detailed way. I know one could be skeptical about that, but I'm pretty spiritual and also plain superstitious so it freaked the hell out of me, and I basically tried to close myself off from any of that stuff - and generally stopped being lucid (though, always continued to remember all of my dreams in their utter complexity and absurdity).

So last night, my partner and I were out for a friend's birthday. We got to bed at about 4.30am, and I woke up at 10 with a terrible hangover. Took some ibuprofen, brushed my teeth, went back to sleep. And I was essentially having a dream where I was being kidnapped - or at least, somebody took me into their home and then there were all these big beefy guys basically 'guarding' me and trying to stop me from leaving. So then I go lucid. And I have a load of fun, and I'm creating things more easily than I was ever able to when I was younger. And then this weird thing happened: I kinda became aware, for the first time ever in a dream, that all of the 'characters' were just parts of my subconscious, and not actually there. My partner was in the dream, and I felt really strongly like we were mutual dreaming, but I became acutely aware that nobody else was real people in there with me. And then my subconscious attacked me and I was really strong so it was kind of fine but it was unsettling. And, I tried and tried to wake up but I just couldn't. I had one false wake up, where my partner was lying in bed saying good morning to me. But I was suspicious that I was still in the dream, so, obviously, I started levitating and was like 'I knew it!' But, basically, I couldn't get out - and I went from someone whose five minute lucid dreams were very fragile to someone in the grips of a lucid dream that felt like it lasted for hours and hours that wouldn't end. I got all existential about being trapped in my dreamworld with nobody else's consciousness able to get in contact, and it was all very odd. Weirdly, I eventually completely snapped out of it (like turning off a television) when I was just like 'please God let me wake up'. (Not necessarily saying that God was responsible - that was just how I vocalised it... maybe something about vocalising it to the subconscious and the body??)

It was 1pm (no judgement pls...), so I had slept for 3 hours, give or take. It felt like a lot longer. My partner, when she awoke, was clear that we had not done any mutual dreaming. But I guess it raised a whole bunch of questions for me that have led me here. I'm interested in the disjuncture between real world time and dream world time, in hearing how people learn to see 'characters' that appear as loved ones etc as anything other than the real world human being they resemble, and also in how long people's lucid dreams tend to last!? I'm intrigued, and I kind of do want to start lucid dreaming again - but to learn more about controlling them etc. So yeah, now I'm here. Hi!

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Re: Hello all

Postby iby1337 » 10 Aug 2018 17:42

Hi kspol welcome to the forum.

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Re: Hello all

Postby samia87 » 05 Nov 2018 06:09

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