I Often Dream In High Definition Images

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I Often Dream In High Definition Images

Postby plump_plum » 18 Aug 2018 11:31

Have any of you seen any Bjork music videos? There's this music video of hers entitled Utopia and you can check it out on youtube. That's the closest experience I can compare my dream to. That's how most of my dreams come to me. Like a 1080p resolution on your HD TV. There was this one dream where I was walking in a field of gigantic flowers with the most vivid colors you can imagine. More of an Alice in Wonderland-ish but better. As I am aware that I am just dreaming, I would inspect the objects and hold them in my hands. I tend to look at them the closest I can and it's as if every "pixel" is alive. Sometimes there would be talking trees with faces and with branches flowing with liquid gold. But there are unfortunate times when my dreams would be morbid ones. Gore and guts spilled all over, those sort of dreams,, and yes, also in HD.

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