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Quick introduction - I've been lucid dreaming, completely naturally, since as long as I can remember. Then, bad things happened. This forum solved it.

Long introduction - I had my first lucid dream when I was around 9-years old, when I was (of course ...!) hanging out at S Club's house, as they were my favourite band, and I opted to eat the lovely cookies Jon baked me. My lucid dreams were very harmless thereafter. However, when I was 20-ish, I had a lucid dream nightmare, which REALLY scared me.

In the shortest summary possible, a dream villain, who I remember very clearly as being known as 'The Magician', took away my lucid powers and I thought I was never going to wake up, even though I was 'conscious' and fighting him. I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything to stop him killing everyone I loved. He tried to kill me, too, and I could do absolutely nothing to stop him. None of my intentions worked. I'd resigned that I was going to die at his hands. Eventually I woke up, just as he was about to kill me. I've never been so scared in my life.

I posted about this in this very forum, because I was so scared (I can't find the post about it). I was very naive on lucid dreaming then, as I thought everyone did it so I'd never looked into it, but someone gave me the advice to summon a Dream Guardian. I did. The Magician returned, but I summoned the Doctor from Doctor Who (British TV show), and he resolved everything. The Magician has never returned since.

I can't remember what my username was, what the post was, or who the person replied was, but it really saved me. I have quite literally made the Doctor my first point of call to save me in my lucid dreams. I guess this is a thank you, as well as an introduction.

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