New here and want opinions! Love lucid dreaming!

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New here and want opinions! Love lucid dreaming!

Postby lucidbaby » 17 Jan 2019 21:55

Before I begin, I have NOBODY to talk to about lucid dreaming and interpretations of it because I know nobody else that has done it☹ So please talk to me!!! Hi all! My name is Jessica and I’m 19. I have only lucid dreamed a handful of times but remember them all in immensely vivid detail. Just have a few comments/questions regarding my personal experience with lucid dreams so far and would love to have anyone respond with their own experiences, answers or insights!!!
So basically I just want to start off by saying I LOVE lucid dreaming and every time it has happened to me I have truly tried to keep falling back asleep to continue dreaming until my body would not physically let me sleep anymore. I’ve missed class for it and everything.
So, every time I have ever begun a lucid dream, it has started after I had already been dreaming for a bit. There is a moment where my mind is like, wait a minute, this seems a little ‘off’ from what my life is really like. I love that part because I feel like most people never reach that realization.
Then, I say something about it out loud…. And characters in my dream will congratulate me for it. It’s like, they’re all in on a joke against me, and when I finally realize I’m dreaming and announce it to them, they congratulate me for ‘cracking the code,’ like they’ve been waiting for it to happen. For example, one time I was walking down an airplane terminal, thinking the situation was a bit strange already. When I turned the corner and stepped on to a plane full of people, I said to them, “this might be a really weird thing to say, but I think I’m dreaming right now.” They all smiled at me warmly and said, “You are! We are too!” I continued to talk to many of them one-on-one just about dreaming in general and how amazing it was that we were dreaming in that moment... Which really threw me off because it led me to believe I might be astral projecting because they were trying to convince me that they were dreaming too and were on the same “dream” or “spirit” realm as me. It also has me wondering, since these people were so kind and focused on me, if they were my spirit guides in disguise? I don’t know if lucid dreaming goes hand-in-hand with the idea of a spirit realm other than our own or if it’s just open to individual interpretation but if anyone wants to share their own experiences/hypotheses with that then please feel free!
Also, I’ve been reading a lot on this site and see that some people have rude characters in their lucid dreams or just negative experiences with them, but it has been my experience so far that they will do anything I want them to do. I also thought that was the whole point of lucid dreaming was that you are able to do/be anything you want. That would include the way you want others to treat you, right? Anyway, I would love to hear others’ experiences and why they think their lucid dreams aren’t totally in their control.
Please please respond with just any insight at all if you’re a beginner or more advanced, and if anyone has tips on how I can lucid dream more often, please drop them! It is my goal to master it and eventually move on to astral projection. I remember my dreams almost every night but cannot always reach that point of clarity and lucidity.

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Re: New here and want opinions! Love lucid dreaming!

Postby Maysarah » 27 Jan 2019 12:14

hi there Jessica
i just joined, and got lost in the pages, all i what is a person whom i can talk to and share with.

i'v been lucid dreaming as far as i remember, and i thought i had a special magical ability
i didn't learn it, it just naturally happened to me and i mastered it

few years ago only, i found out that hundreds of people knows about it :D

i still think am kind of advanced mode, and i decided to start sharing
i lucid almost daily, not familiar with the terms used here thou,

i read your post, since you had no one to talk to, you would be a good first one to say hi to

so, Hi there again

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Re: New here and want opinions! Love lucid dreaming!

Postby Maysarah » 28 Jan 2019 09:17

i can only answer part of your questions based on my personal experience
and may other members participate as well

but i have found that the best time our mind is productive in these dreams are the first hour after dawn
a quick nap after you wake up early morning can do a lot

have something keeps you concision, like laying down on a chair, simple sound, you shouldn't be full (by food or so)
where you don't want to fell deep in sleep again, just enough relaxation to sleep

as a beginner, i advise not to plan any thing, and not to think too much, just relax and see what your mind have to offer

the moment you wonder are you dreaming or not, i consider enough reality check
as we never wonder the same in real live, real life around us is heavy and solid
in your dream your much more light and easy to jump up, so once you feel this, you are dreaming and you can start with questioning your mind what does he want to show you today ;)

again, this is my personal experience, and im not sure if these things always applies from person to person or not
i still have much to read as i haven't read any thing on the subject before

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Re: New here and want opinions! Love lucid dreaming!

Postby FlamingJune » 28 Jan 2019 21:30

Hey there!
Im also new here and joined for the same reason. I feel like theres this whole other world I'm exploring at night and I have no one to share it with.

I started becoming lucid in my dreams at a really young age but by that I only mean that I can become aware that I am dreaming (not sure if I should be using a different word other than lucid for that), I'm still working on the control part. For me it feels like a skill I must practice and develop, so I think it's really cool you have control so naturally.

I have had similar feelings at times that the places I am visiting in my dreams are a sort of "spirit" realm or dream world and that the dream characters are actual people possibly living or dead. I had to get out of the habit of instantly telling my dream characters that we were in a dream because sometimes I would say it and I would see this look of shock come over their face and the dream would sort of break down (often I would just wake up after this but sometimes it just breaks down into a strange abstract world until I slip into a new dream) sometimes I feel in those times I might be inside someone else's dream and excitedly yelling "THIS ISNT REAL!!" Is too jarring so now when I get this feeling I try to speak to them calmly and figure out if they also know it is a dream.
I have also met dream characters like you talk about, like they are all in on it and when I figure out it's a dream they are like "finally!!" and almost like laughing at me. Some can definitely seem hostile at times though but ive met the nice ones too.
I had a really strange one where I was being lead around by someone I perceived as like a kind of ambassador to dream land and we were on a city street that reminded me of all the down town areas of every big city I've ever been. This guy was telling me that it was basically like Haight St. (Sf) or Telegraph (Berkeley) but of the dream realm. It felt so real but I try to remain sceptical and acknowledge it could have been just a cool trippy dream character and story I came up with but it really felt like a place outside of myself that I was visiting rather than creating.
And the creepiest one I would describe as more of a nightmare, I was camping at the time and had one of those where you think you are waking up but you're still sleeping so it was super realistic and exactly where I was actually sleeping. I stepped out of my tent and there was a circle of people. I immediately had a sinking feeling that I was in the realm of the dead I'm not sure why. A big buff guy from the circle turns to me and says to the group "what is she doing here??" and a sweet woman who I felt that I knew already (and I knew her name was Penelope) got really happy and exclaimed "a psychic vision!!" I was terrified but Penelope was trying to comfort me. The attitude of the people around me ranged from aloof to hostile (like the muscle guy) to excited (like Penelope). All of a sudden a black blurring creature soared up to the circle and snatched up one of the characters in a sack and everyone screamed and started running (including me) I had this understanding that the person in sack had just died a second and worse death, like a death of a soul, or was like being brought to an even darker realm. I ran up the path and then started falling to my knees to try and wake my self up (a tactic I've been using since a child) I usually count or say wake up over and over but this time for some reason I was compelled to sing over and over "I am light I am light". My friend who was also camping with me irl and sleeping nearby (hes also a pretty mystical looking old hippy guy and sort of a magical artist mentor that I used to do art installations with which is why I was camping with him, I'll call him Star for anonymity) found me in the fetal position singing and helped me stand up and told me "everytime you kiss a baby's forehead the devil kisses a thousand trees" (oh btw Star has a tree tattooed smack dab in the middle of his forehead along with a bunch of other things that were all done in ceremony natives irl) this finally helped me wake up. I asked Star the next day if that was really him visiting me in my dream and he just did his wise old chuckle and said "oh I dont know child maybe so". I dont really know what it means but that was one of the scariest dreams I ever had, I really felt that the dream characters in this one were all dead (other than Star) and that the dark blurring character was some kind of evil beyond human. Star made a little nest out of sticks around my tent and tied some feathers at a few different points to represent my ancestors and the nightmares finally stopped (they had been bad the whole trip) I think even he got a little spooked by that last one though. Like I said earlier I like to remain a skeptic so I dont know that the feathers and sticks really did anything other than placebo lol but I didnt really care I just wanted the nightmares to stop and they did.

Well sorry that turned into a novel, I have so many stories to tell those were just a few that I felt related to your experiences. I would love to hear more about your experiences. What kind of things do the dream characters tell you? Do you have any go to questions you like to ask them?

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