Fast track to lucid dreaming guide

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Fast track to lucid dreaming guide

Postby b.rease568 » 13 Feb 2012 05:23

Im about to buy the fast track to lucid dreaming because i think that 37 bucks is well spent to help me lucid dream. The only question i have is, if i download the file to my phone is there a way to send it to my original computer? and is the website safe to put my personal information on to buy the guide because my phone is telling me that the certificate for the website isnt fully safe or something like that..

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Re: Fast track to lucid dreaming guide

Postby Rebecca » 14 Feb 2012 04:26

Hey... Once you buy The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track, you'll be directed to make a secure payment through Paypal. (Not my site - the World of Lucid Dreaming website is not "https" secure because it doesn't handle any payments or personal info.)

After payment, Paypal will redirect you to a private link on World of Lucid Dreaming to download your files. You'll be able to access this link from anywhere - phone, computer, etc. It will eventually expire but not before you've had a chance to download everything.

And if you do have any problems with the download, just drop me an email and I'll help you out.
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