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What do I do first

Posted: 15 Mar 2012 22:43
by ChilliConC
Hey all, this is my first post here (hello world!) I am wondering whether I should keep a dream journal (if so, for how long) for a bit or whether I should attempt WILD or some other method just now.
NB I have a busy school life so I can't do MILD or stuff that involves waking up early etc
Thanks a bunch,

Re: What do I do first

Posted: 16 Mar 2012 03:39
by RosenVitae
Hey Chilli :) Welcome.

Just a few things here. Don't go all fancy from the beginning. Easiest place to start is with your normal sleep and dreams.

Keeping a dream journal is to train you to recall as many details from your dreams as possible. Many use it to learn what their "dream symbols" are: the things/events that keep returning to you in your dreams, so you can more easily realize that you're dreaming when you see it again.

Other than that, keep reading some interesting articles on the homepage. Use the forum too, like now, to get some answers to your questions or read other threads.

Do read the article about reality checks and make it a habbit. Check reality whenever you think about it, you might just be dreaming without knowing it.

Re: What do I do first

Posted: 16 Mar 2012 18:11
by ChilliConC
Thanks very much. However I am having a problem: I cannot remember my dreams at all. Nb I've only started a few days ago but should I get to sleep earlier/ wake up earlier? So far my dream journal is completely empty :(

Re: What do I do first

Posted: 16 Mar 2012 19:50
by RosenVitae
You dream multiple times each night/morning, so it's not because you don't dream :)

A dream journal is only the 2nd step in recalling dreams. The first step is to actively recall anything atall.

You could try this:
Right after waking up, ask your self out loud "What did I just dream?" and then just enjoy the morning comfort. You ask this question to your subc. mind, which will fill you in if you just keep relaxing. This works best when you're still "woosy" (aka experiencing hypnagogia). If you find yourself too woosy, try sitting up comfortably, so you wake up just a little more (but don't grab your journal just yet). Just sit there and keep asking a few times, out loud "what did I just dream?".

You can also read some articles on dream recall to see if there are more methods.

If you try this, let me know how it went.

REM sleep is a part of your sleeping cycle. If you suddenly change the cycle, it's only natural that the cycles will be less predictable :)

I find 8 hours to give me plenty of REM sleep (also, sleeping 10+ hours can ruin your day if your body didn't need it).

These are quotes from other posts I made recently, they should help you a little :)