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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby Solaris_142 » 16 Sep 2018 01:04

Blindeyesparrow wrote:Reading this thread makes me see what I've been doing wrong. So WILD isn't for beginners like myself and it's not something I should be doing first thing when I get in bed at night?

Okay first thing. WILD is for anyone who feels like practicing it. :) You lay down to go to sleep there is no reason why you can't try to practice staying aware throughout the process as you fall asleep. It's true that unless someone is a natural at it takes a lot of practice and is difficult. But there is no reason you can't work on it. Even if all you manage to ever get is a little hypnagogic imagery and audio hallucinations. Or brief little dreams where you find yourself lucid in. (Which happens to me most of the time. I can WILD. But I usually don't stay in them very long. Sometimes longer than other times.)

Your chances of having a prolonged full blown lucid by means of WILDing generally are much greater after sleeping a few hours because of the way REM periods work. You can still get stuff when first falling to sleep. I know because I always have been able to. So there is no reason not to at least try to stay as aware as possible at any time you are falling asleep. Because you can have fascinating experiences at any time. Even if you don't get into a full blown prolonged lucid.

I read online that people say you have to perform reality checks during the day so that you'll perform them in your dreams. Inside dreams, do RC's happen at random or what cues should I look for to perform an RC in a dream? My dreams are always different so I can't expect to see a "cue" more than once can I?

Okay so RC's and dreamsigns. The thing to remember is the goal here is to get yourself to question if you are dreaming while you are in a dream, right? The number one logical method of doing this is to make a habit of trying to stay aware of whether or not you are dreaming while you are awake. So if you are going about your day always assuming you are awake and not questioning it. You are not as likely to stop and think about it while you are dreaming. The more it is on your mind while awake the more likely it will eventually be on you mind in your dreams. It can be a lot of work and it might take a while. Some people have an easier time of it than others. But if you are persistent in your efforts those thoughts will work there way into your dreams. And once you get some lucids going and you remain focused you can start to build up a kind of momentum where they start coming more and more frequently.

And the actual reality checking should be done to make a habit of it. The watch method or nose pinch method. Whatever you are using as a primary RC. So you remember to actually remember to do it when you need to. For example you have a sudden funny thought that something you saw or just happened seems like something that happens in your dreams. Even if at that moment you think you are sure you are awake. You still remember to RC just to make sure because you have been making a habit of always checking. And what do you know? To your complete astonishment the RC tells you that you really are dreaming!

There should always be a couple different RC's that you do in your dreams during times when you have serious doubt but still think you might be dreaming. That way if you are not quite convinced by one type of RC that seems to be telling you that you are dreaming. You can try another type of RC to confirm it.

There are times when you won't even need the RC because you will just know it. Or even become lucid completely spontaneously. Be in the middle of a dream and just suddenly think. "Oh wow this is dream!" And know it is. I would highly recommend anyone practicing doing their RC's in their dream even after they are already lucid. That way you can get used to doing them in the dream and seeing how they work.

Those cues. Commonly known as dreamsigns. There are different types of dreamsigns. There is the random type as you say, could be different in any dream. Any strange thing about your dream that you happen to notice and you decide maybe you should do an RC to check. Could be anything big or small.

There are common dreamsigns. Things that are common to most people. Such as malfunctioning devices. For example. You are driving a car and when you try to put on the brakes the brakes fail and you can't stop. Or light switches may not work properly. Any kind of device is prone to act up in dreams. A lot of people (myself included) encounter strange or annoying events while trying to use a bathroom in dreams.

There may be dreamsigns you notice that are completely unique to you. And you just figure those out as you go and try to remember to RC when you see such things happening. Or it's just something that makes you lucid. Like for example how my dreams have always tried to get me airborne to get me lucid.

Which is the best phrase to tell myself during the day to get good results? " I'm dreaming right now" "Am I dreaming right now?" " I'm awake right now" so I can say the phrase to myself in my dream?

I don't think the phrase you use matters at all. It's the intention of it that matters. You know what you are meaning and what you are asking. I like to question what I'm doing. Where I am. Is there anything abnormal about where I'm at or what I am doing? Remind myself to stay aware because literally I could be dreaming at any moment.

As erichsa pointed out you find your own little tricks as you go. Find things that work better for you things that don't work so well. And reading the books on lucid dreaming can definitely help. Even if you already understand the basics. Reading a book on the subject can help to motivate you. And even possibly help to get you thinking about it in your dreams.
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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby Blindeyesparrow » 16 Sep 2018 05:23


Thanks for all of the information, I read through all of it and you provide some great tips. You've been a major contributor to me entering my first lucid state in the future (I'll even settle for a false awakening at this point though).

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