A vivid dream and making progress

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A vivid dream and making progress

Postby Enter_DreamS » 23 Mar 2012 11:00

Last night I was in a dream where I was at my sixth form school that I no longer attend. I had my blue winter jacket on and somehow there was a knife in my pocket. I started to become worried wondering how it got there, and what if I got caught with it. Then to make matters worse, there was a bunch of police in the playground. I had to put my jacket down on the ground and they searched it, I could literally feel the emotional worries and fear as they searched but somehow to my relief they didn't find it! I felt so relieved I was literally thanking God it hadn't been caught.

Now here's what got me really excited about the dream.

First off there were the powerful emotions I was feeling, I literally felt worried and was panicking when I had the knife on me, I had no idea where it came from or why it was on me, plus there was the fear of being caught with it.

Second of all was the knife itself. It was the knife I was using to cut potatoes to make chips the previous day! :lol: but when I held it in my hands it felt so real. I could even feel the shape of the handle in my hands and it felt just like the actual knife I had used.

And lastly the fact that two objects from reality have managed to transpose into my subconscious while dreaming is a pretty exciting thing. I'm sure I'm getting closer to having my first Lucid dream too! I feel a lot more motivated now! :D Now every time I see those objects I'll always remember to RC and even feel them in my hands.
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