Help with WILD technique

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Help with WILD technique

Postby Jozza » 04 Jun 2013 12:20

Hey i have an issue with trying to do the WILD technique and it's just never working out, i have been trying to do this countless times, I find this annoying and basically here are a few things that get in my way when i try to do the WILD technique.

- If i wake up in the middle of the night and try not to move i end up feeling like i need to go to the toilet.

- If i wake up in the morning and i try not to move, i go far into it and sometimes feel frustrated after a while because i do it for so long like nearly an hour it sometimes feels and i just give up, usually the time i give up my body feels a bit numb especially my hands when i get out of bed.

-If i try during the day i basically get the same results from the morning (i hear that i can have "lucid naps" if i try during the day).

And those are some things i have trouble with, now i just want some tips on trying so i hopefully have a less chance of having the same outcomes, also not sure when to do it though but i know it's during the middle of the night or so, i usually wake up automatically only because i wake up to go to the toilet. -_-

So if anyone has any tips or to tell me if i'm doing anything wrong then i appreciate your help.

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