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Dreamsigns and reality

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 06:13
by Strykbringer
Hello lucid dreamers.

I have never had a lucid dream. However, I have kept a journal and extracted dreamsigns, the most important two being:

1. Setting form: My surroundings constantly transform into places I have previously lived in or frequented.*

2. Ego actions: I often behave strangely in my dreams. **

Now I should try to do reality checks at any suitable moments. The problem, however, is that I have a hard time finding any moments. My surrounding never spontaneously change and I never act strange in the way I'd act in my dreams. Do any of you experienced dreamers have any suggestions for me?

*I jump out an airplane over New York but land in Beijing; I wander in dungeons from video games that mutate and turn into my childhood home.

**I see my friends and cross the street, but instead of joining them I start walking 30ft behind them all the way to our destination; I see gas leaking from the ground whereupon I immediately take off my top hat and attempt to use it to gather the gas.