First LD

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First LD

Postby Chackøwsky » 28 Mar 2012 13:46

Hello. After a very long month I finally had a Lucid dream where I was fully aware. It was the greatest thing I ever experienced. I simply wished I was the tallest man in the world and I grew and grew. I was having so much fun and I kept telling myself "I am dreaming". I am sure it would've lasted longer if in the real world my cat didn't start licking my head :x. So because of that, I am curious if there is anything I could do to keep distractions from the real world from waking me? Can I go into some deep mode of Lucid Dreaming?
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Re: First LD

Postby conspiracy » 31 Mar 2012 10:02

Hi! I'm not an expert but I've heard a lot of methods to stay asleep and lucid-- rubbing hands together, spinning, saying "Clarity!" out loud. I've got a friend who, when the outside world is being loud, he incorporates it into his dream.

good luck!

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