frustration and intensive help

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frustration and intensive help

Postby zelkova » 21 Jun 2013 09:12

hello i'm new to the forum but i've been following this site for at least two years now i the hope of having lucid dreams and becoming an advent lucid dreamer unfortunately i've had no success thus far however what i do get is something that could be considered semi lucid or just a scripted dream about lucid dreaming. it always starts the same way, one way or another i start to fly or levitate and its then i start to question weather i'm dreaming or not i ask myself "i'm i dreaming" while mid air there have been times when i even said allowed that i "am" dreaming but the result is always the same nothing happens or i don't feel the way i should in a lucid dream and it ends up being a failure. this only happens during flying dreams because that's the only time i question myself but it happens "EVERY" flying dream. what am i doing wrong? how can i fix this? i'm having serious problems with the methods for example when i go to bed the point from when i lay my head on the pillow to the point where i actually fall unconscious is called the twilight stage and i'm usually stuck there for 45mins at the least three hours at the most how can i fall asleep faster i would greatly appreciate any help anyone can offers or advice and personal experience.

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