A Hypnagogic Hello All.

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A Hypnagogic Hello All.

Postby Chronicle » 29 Mar 2012 16:05

Right, where do I start? I have just joined as 'Chronicle', the reason for which I will explain in a later post. I know there are a lot of threads concerning lucid dreaming. I've had plenty of those. Some of them fantastic, some quite frightening, some not really worth mentioning. But my main fascination is with Hypnagogia / Hypnapompia, as these are the 'sleep' states in which I have had my most powerful experiences. Some see lucid dreaming as the same thing. I do not.

I see lucid dreaming as dreams which are very vivid and sometimes provide the sleeper with a degree of control within the dream. But for me, lucid dreaming has always presented me with things familiar to me, even if it is (for example) a frogs head on the body of an elephant - I recognise the two despite the unusual fusion of the two, if that makes any sense. ;)

But for many years I have experienced Hypnagogia and Hypnapompia to such a level that has actually felt (at times) more real than real life. These experiences often involve seeing things which I cannot really relate to, or use words to adequately describe. At their most intense, these 'Hypno' experiences leave me utterly breathless, as though I have just finished running a marathon. I hope to share these experiences with others on this forum, to see if any tally up with my own. For me, these experiences sometimes appear to venture from outside the realm of my own mind, as though I am connecting with another, (quite heavily populated) dimension.

I look forward to discussing this further if anyone is interested.

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