Is lucid dreaming a virtual reality playground? NO.

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Re: Is lucid dreaming a virtual reality playground? NO.

Postby Ryan » 22 Jul 2013 00:33

If there's one thing that has always amazed me about this subject... it's how varied the opinions are and how strictly those people hold onto those opinions! That's not to say those are bad points. :)

For myself... I've explained before, but one more time will never hurt.

Is "Lucid Dreaming" a virtual reality playground? Yes!
All experiences you have ever had take place in a virtual reality playground. To me, this is simple fact.
Look around you this very second in this world we call "physical reality". It IS a virtual reality playground as much as any dream experience you have had your entire life.

All of these experiences are states of consciousness that you are.
You are physically aware...
You are dreamingly aware...
You are lucidly aware...
You are astrally aware...

To me, "lucid dreaming" as an objective experience (as well as normal dreaming) simply doesn't exist. Nobody HAS lucid dreams. What you do have are non-physical experiences where you are lucidly aware. Now, your definition of "Lucid" will probably vary slightly from what I'm referring to, but I'm quite certain the basics are comparable. I've been doing this kind of thing my entire life and studying it for half my life.

Nothing is as it seems with consciousness. Nothing is as it seems, especially as far as closed minded science has found... as long as we continue to only look to the physical for answers of consciousness we'll NEVER find those answers.

I've learned so much in the past 4 years that it's literally turned my world upside down... and has changed me 100% for the better. So yeah... if you're asking if lucid dreaming is a virtual reality playground, I'm going to have to say emphatically YES. It is. Everything is. :)
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Re: Is lucid dreaming a virtual reality playground? NO.

Postby lucidinthe sky » 22 Jul 2013 04:39

Have to agree with Ryan. Whether our reality exists at all or is just virtual, we still must create it within ourselves in order to experience it.

It's like a computer, the data inside is the reality. It contains the information to make a picture, but it is not a picture without the interface (monitor). In order for us to experience reality, must create it inside ourselves with our 5 senses as the interface.

So we have this ability to create an 3 dimensional image and add the other sensory information in order for us to experience reality. But it is only a representation of what's there and not complete. So in that sense, our reality must always be "virtual" because we have to make it from our sensory inputs. We also can do the same thing in dreams without the sensory input.

The bottom line is that the reality that exits may be absolute, but the reality you experience is relative. It is a created reality, dreams or waking life.
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