Your help is greatly appriciated.

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Your help is greatly appriciated.

Postby Joyous » 12 Jul 2013 16:34

I've dreamed in color my whole life. As I get older a new sense is added. By the age of 12, I could see and color, and smell. By the age of 15, I could see in color, smell and hear. By the age of 19, I was able to see in color, smeel hear touch and think. The problem with the thinking portion... I couldn't change the dream. Things would be happening and I would hear myself think. By the age of 22, I could taste. Now, I'm with all of the senses list above I can now feel both physically and emotionally. Even if I don't know the individuals in my dreams I feel empathetic or sympathetic. If I'm brushed or burned I feel it. My first dream where I realized this was happening was the feel of the sun when I was laying in the grass. I woke up in a cold sweat in my room. It was fall, not yet winter. The dream was very pleasant but I woke in a cold sweat.. I'm never without any of my senses and as far as I know, I haven't yet had a dream repeat.

I don't keep a dream journal because most of them happen or I find that I've shared a dream with someone else. I'll be telling someone about a dream and they would tell me they had a similar dream. Crazy part about that is they would be in my dream, yet unresponsive. Just there.

About the faces, I see faces at random. Never consistant. Unless its a family member, the face that I see is someone I meet later in life. This as blown my mind. Other than that, faces are like how people say writing is in their dreams. They're blury and foggy and unclear. But their voices... I remember their voice.

Writing doesn't change when I read it. It stays the same. Like a message. Most of the time I ignore them because they don't make sense to me and the ones that do I remember random words instead of phrases.

Last night was, "" an area code that started with "9," "gray" and what it was written on. A green postit note. Although it started as a writing on the floor by a stick, when I looked at the person writing and back at our hands, he was handing me a postit. It had that text on it. I looked at him then back at it, then him then back at it. The domain and nine never changed. The rest of the text was already unreadable it was upside down and backwards lettering. After focusing on the paper for a while, I looked up, he was gone, I woke up. And my cat was sitting next to me... watching. She didn't even meow or blink. She just watched me. I reached out to touch her and she didn't even flinch, move towards me. I whispered her name, she blinked and walked away. Not in her character because she always comes or meows when I wake up.

So my question(s):

What is going on? Is my imagination just awesome? Why is everything so real? Is this normal?

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