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First Lucid Dream?! Please comment! *UPDATE 2ND LUCID DREAM!

Posted: 03 Apr 2012 04:36
by Doublea
All right I'm pretty excited and I would love your feedback! Here it is:

I decided to take a break from Lucid dream techniques for a few days. Last night 12:00am, I go to bed, as I am falling asleep I repeat to myself "I belief I can lucid dream.", "I will lucid dream tonight.", "I realize I am dreaming tonight." I then fall asleep.

(I've left out some details because I don't fully remember them and I don't want to confuse you).

I'm walking through the parking lot of my local Shopko heading for the doors. It is cold and there is a light snow around on the cars. My friend is clearing snow off the cars in the parking lot. I say "Hi" as I pass her. As I get closer to the doors I suddenly ask myself "Am I dreaming?" which I immediately respond "Yes," to, without even doing any reality checks or anything. I stop and tell myself that I should check. I look down at my hands and I try to push my fingers though my left hand, my fingers don't go through and I feel my hand stop my fingers. I also observe my hands but they look normal to me. Even though I know it is a dream, I still don't fully believe that it is. I get excited, but then I tell myself to calm down. I go inside the Shopko and sit down on a bench trying to relax. It starts going black so I remind myself that I am dreaming. I order new clothes onto me (I think it happened), and I go to find my friend in the parking lot. I walk up.

I feel real rested and happy. It is 2:44 am.

So what do you guys think about this? Is there a reason my reality checks didn't work? The dream didn't feel super realistic as I look back on it.

I just wish I had tried flying, though I don't think I would have been able to do it seeing that I didn't really truley believe I was dreaming.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm real excited to keep on dreaming!

Re: First Lucid Dream?! Please comment!

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 19:18
by Summerlander

It sounds like you were lucid but that slight nagging doubt you had probably made your reality check fail. If you already know that you are dreaming then there is no need to check. Just have fun and go about your business in your lucid dreams.

Btw, not all lucid dreams will feel super-realistic. You gotta remember that the lucid part is you. You are the one who is perceiving the dream lucidly rather than mindlessly. Most lucid dreams tend to be vivid but some can be fuzzy. In fact, because you are lucid, you will feel annoyed at the fuzziness and will often feel compelled to do something about it.

The lucid dream experience can be vivid or fuzzy in terms of sensory perception, just like a non-lucid dream can also be vivid and yet you experience it with a certain lack of self-awareness.

Congratulations on your experience and I hope this helps! :P

Re: First Lucid Dream?! Please comment!

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 01:11
by Doublea
Thanks! It does help.

I was just trying to reassure myself that I was actually dreaming, I responded so fast that it seemed like I was going to forget and just keep on dreaming.

The dream felt pretty real when I was in it, but now that I look back I can't remember detail to well. Is this normal?

Can reality checks fail though? Or am I just a special case were hand reality checks don't work.

Thanks for the reply.

Re: First Lucid Dream?! Please comment!

Posted: 06 Apr 2012 11:54
by Enter_DreamS
It's funny how both our experiences involve a door before we found out we were dreaming!

Re: First Lucid Dream?! Please comment!

Posted: 06 Apr 2012 16:55
by Summerlander
The dream felt pretty real when I was in it, but now that I look back I can't remember detail to well. Is this normal?

It feels real because all experience happens in the mind (whether we are awake or dreaming). Let's put it this way... the self always perceives the "mental clay". During the day, sensory input influences the shape that the mental clay will take. In other words, while you are awake, you are dreaming true.

At night, when you dream, sensory input is greatly reduced until you can no longer perceive your physical body nor the external world. So what models that "clay" is no longer sensory input. The sculptor is now the unconscious mind, thoughts, feelings, emotions and the imagination. When you are asleep, you are dreaming free.

The experience always happens in the mind. Always.

It is also normal for people to forget details of experiences - be it dream or reality. the experience, however, while you are having it, will be intense and realistic especially when you are lucid. In wakefulness, you can remember something that happened years ago if it brought you great joy or trauma (it's the impact). But pick up a phone directory, look at a number, walk away and try to remember it after five minutes... chances are that you will have forgotten it. Practice will improve your memory though.

Lucid dreaming is not so different from being awake. When we are awake, we tend to remember the experiences that have more of an impact on us. Lucid dreams are the same which is why having a plan of action for them is great for holding on to those details. Also, if you want to hold on to details, record your lucid dreams in a journal when you wake up from them. LaBerge recommends a minute of reflection on what happened before you get up and start writing down what you remember. The more you write, the more details come back to you.

The minute of reflection gives the left-brain mind a chance to analyse (and sometimes translate with language) the experience.

Re: First and Second Lucid Dreams?! Please comment!

Posted: 07 Apr 2012 02:19
by Doublea
So as I get better at lucid dreaming I'll be able to remember them as being more vivid? It just hasn't seemed as amazing as people have made it sound.


All right so I actually had my second Lucid Dream last night! I go to bed, while relaxing I again repeat those same phrases in my head so that the last thing I think about is lucid dreaming before I fall asleep. I fall asleep, 12:00am. (I will also just include the basic of the dream, to not confuse you or me).

It starts off as a regular dream, I am attending a tennis match in indian wells. The next match is going to be in another location and my flight has been delayed. I leave and have to stop to various places on the way. I stop with a friend to a color festival and we throw chalk up into the sky, I stop in Serbia where there is 3 feet of snow, but it's hot, Like a jacuzzi. (its a very strange feeling but really cool!). A snow leopard keeps biting my hand, its owner tells me I can stay with them, my friend is with me and he meets one of the girls there. After staying a little bit I wake up (not really and i'm still in the same dream just before the serbia part happened). I am now at a family reunion at a neighbors house. The serbian family is at the party and my friend and I are talking to them. I say, (to my friend first) "What was the girls name in that dream last night? (and then to them) This may sound strange but my friend and I had a dream about you last night...". As I said these words I realized that I was dreaming. I look at the table and table cloth and feel it (It feels pretty real). I think just saying the word Dream induces my lucidity. I got outside and decide to try and fly to my friends house. It's not really like flying I just jump really high and then fall back down to the house, crashing into the yard. I go to the door and ask for my friends sister, I'm starting to feel dizzy and I end up "waking up" on the front porch. I went into their house and talked to them (I don't think I was really lucid here, but I might have been). My friend walks into the room and I wake up for reals this time.

It is 1:33 in the morning.

So there it is my second lucid dream. These are lucid dreams right? I feel like I'm just aware that I'm and dreaming and that I am more conscious for the dream. But I don't really manipulate anything.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, I'd really like the feedback, THANKS!

Re: First Lucid Dream?! Please comment! *UPDATE 2ND LUCID DR

Posted: 09 Apr 2012 14:50
by Summerlander
I'm starting to feel dizzy and I end up "waking up" on the front porch. I went into their house and talked to them (I don't think I was really lucid here, but I might have been). My friend walks into the room and I wake up for reals this time.

You are doing well. The more you practice the better you get at it. Remember that when you gain lucidity, you have to maintain it because it can easily be lost. Rebecca's got some good tips like doing simple mathematical calculations (keeps the left brain dominant).

Staying active and maintaining sensory amplification will also help, not only in maintaining lucidity, but also with prolonging the experience.

One of the first things a lucid dreamer should do is intentify/deepen the experience to the point where space perception will be filled with hyperrealistic phantom experiences. The world of lucid dreaming can outdo the real world in quality. Lucid dreaming is also amazing because, once you master it, many of its applications will open up to you. They can enrich your life. Trust me! It is a great playground for improvement (not just fantasy or escapism).

Well done and keep at it! ;)

Re: First Lucid Dream?! Please comment! *UPDATE 2ND LUCID DR

Posted: 10 Apr 2012 17:17
by Doublea
Ok, thanks for the reply, it really helps. The next time I lucid dream I want to try to just concentrate on that I'm dreaming and then yell "Clarity now!". I want to just be able to think a little better and make decisions better.

The things I want to do in my dreams are:

Fly (a lot)
Play tennis with Roger Federer (and get better)
Talk to Roger Federer
Problem solve

and maybe a few other things. Thanks for taking the time to help me though.

Re: First Lucid Dream?! Please comment! *UPDATE 2ND LUCID DR

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 23:55
by Ikamon357
Ive had 2 lucid dreams where I did about 27 reality checks (none of them worked). A DC I saw did get a successful reality check though. My whole dream was forcing me to believe everything even though I knew I was dreaming. It was like my logical part of my brain was off making me believe everything I saw like it was real. It was like I was dreaming about me having a Lucid dream but I knew more than anything that it was a dream but also couldn't get myself away from the characteristics of an average dream.

Re: First Lucid Dream?! Please comment! *UPDATE 2ND LUCID DR

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 15:18
by Summerlander
Hmmm... interesting. I have experienced something similar. It is also important to remember that we can dream about having lucid dreams but not be in the lucid state at all. It may simply be that an ordinary dream is playing out an idea that we are fond of. Like dreaming about being Sam Beckett leaping through time in the bodies of strangers. Nevertheless, sometimes things are not so black and white when it comes to states of consciousness.