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I am lucid then my dream fades away.

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 02:16
by jmol
For the past couple of weeks I have been having lucid dreams where I am lucid for a small while, then slowly the dream fades away. As it fades away I feel realize it and I say "oh no I am waking up." When I get Lucid I am calm and try to fly and glide and I always slowly drift into being awake. Is this a normal problem with lucid dreamers starting out.

Re: I am lucid then my dream fades away.

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 03:39
by lucidinthe sky
I don't think this is necessarily something that happens exclusively to people new to lucid dreaming. I have to consider myself in that category since I've had less than 20 or 30 lucid dreams. I think it has a lot to do with expectations and excitement level though. The first few lucid dreams I had, I remember being a little too excited, what can you expect! Then thinking to myself "hurry up and do everything you want to do quickly because this will be gone soon!" Sure enough I was right.

But since then, I have also had lucid dreams that were much more stable and less fragile too. It really depends on a lot of things. I think dreams have a certain life span, and the sooner you get in, the longer they go. It also depends on how deep your level of sleep is. I've had some dreams that were in very shallow sleep that were vague and seemed to disappear as soon as I become lucid while others have been much more clear and less likely to fade.

Re: I am lucid then my dream fades away.

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 03:42
by Arcadian
It was for me during my first 5 LDs. I would think about my body being asleep then my awareness would gradually shift towards my body in bed.

Here is what I did to help me.

After I stabilize the dream by doing a couple of reality checks, rubbing hands, and demanding clarity, I say to myself "this is going to be a long and awesome dream." Say it like you really mean it. Also keep calm during this too. Keep this mentality present throughout the dream. For example, every 30 seconds repeat the phrase of having a long dream. You can even throw in a "I will remember the end of this dream" a few times. When I did, I was fully aware of the dream ending when it finally did, but I stayed still with eyes closed as a few minutes passed and another dream came.

Hope this helps. It worked for me.

Re: I am lucid then my dream fades away.

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 19:35
by Summerlander
My friends. Arcadian is right.

As soon as you enter the lucid dream state, start performing techniques that will intensify, maintain and prolong the experience. Rubbing hands, touching objects etc. are very effective.

In my circles we call it deepening. Deepening should be the very first thing you do in order to intensify the surroundings. This is linked to the duration of the lucid dream. Remember to get into the habit of doing this before carrying out you plans of action. Spend about 10 seconds deepening and getting involved in the action. Sensory amplification is one of the keys to keep you anchored to the dream world.

There are occasions when deepening can be bypassed. Then you get maintaining techniques which is basically deepening when you feel that the dream environment is fading again. Maintain as needed. Sometimes you can grab dream objects when you feel that you are about to wake up. One guy grabbed an old man's beard in a lucid dream once when he felt that he was about to wake up. He regained awareness of lying in bed but could still feel hair in his hand. He used the phantom sensation of that beard to pull himself out of body and he was back in the dream world and fully lucid still.

For deepening to work, you must be confident that it will work and don't worry about the experience ending abruptly. Don't be concerned with this. Use deepening for tuning into your dream reality rather than seeing it as a tool to avoid waking up. Also, remember that if you have an undesired awakening, you can always make another attempt at reentering the dream world. Separating from your perceived physical stencil helps.

Good luck!! 8-)

Re: I am lucid then my dream fades away.

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 23:36
by jmol
Thanks for all the advice, I can't wait to use it tonight.