Trouble remaining lucid

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Trouble remaining lucid

Postby MajorSecond » 05 Apr 2012 18:28

I've been trying for a few months to lucid dream. Lately, I've had maybe one dream a week where I realize I'm dreaming, maybe make one thing happen, then wake up. I'm actually quite proud of being able to do just that after a short period of time, but my real problem sometimes occurs while falling asleep. Sometimes if I wake up in the middle of the night, or even on some regular nights, something strange happens, especially if lucid dreaming is the last thing I think of before I go to bed. I fall asleep quickly and see my dream "forming" and then "disappearing" so I try to spin around or another technique that should make it stay. However, I wake up almost immediately because my body is shaking uncontrollably and I can't move anything except for my toes and slowly I regain control of my body. During this time, I'm in a weird state between being awake and dreaming. I'm aware of what's happening to my body, but at the same time I can still kind of see my dream. After around 10 seconds or so I just wake up, but every time I try to fall asleep after that my body shakes the same way unless I completely block lucid dreaming and the shaking out of my mind, which is very difficult. I'm not sure if this is sleep paralysis or not. I've only heard or seen strange things during this once or twice. How do I make this stop and what's causing this to happen? I feel like it's the only thing in my way of really getting to lucid dream.

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