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I think I became lucid!

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 23:27
by Enter_DreamS
So it all started like usual in a dream, I wasn't sure where I was though. However I remember seeing a dead dog lying on the ground, when suddenly it came back alive. I realised I had been paying a lot of attention to the dog and walked to a door, the door wouldn't open and as I pressed both hands against the door. I heard myself say "I am dreaming" All of a sudden it feels as if my mind is waking up and everything is becoming clear! Even the door felt so real than it did before I said that! Sadly however I woke up straight after but I wasn't dissapointed. Strangely I didn't feel as excited as I should have been, probably because I woke up from the dream, but even still this is amazing progress and closest I've come to a lucid dream so far.

What also amazed me is the fact that I haven't even been practising reality checks for a while. I guess I was trying too hard and the break helped out, but I really can't wait to experience that again and stay within my lucid dream! :D

Re: I think I became lucid!

Posted: 06 Apr 2012 05:01
by Doublea
That's exactly what I did! I decided to take a break from my lucid dreaming techniques and then I had a lucid dream : D Check out my forum about my lucid dream. Good job!