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Still Not Working

Posted: 02 Sep 2013 16:34
by iringo
Hi! I'm 15 and honestly I thought I'd be able to have a lucid dream by now. Its so fascinating to me but so elusive...

I was completely motivated when I first started, and I've tried really hard for a full month but now I'm just frustrated :(... I do reality checks (finger through palm, check watch, count fingers) about 7-10 times a day, I write down at least one dream each morning (It rarely happens that I have no recall whatsoever), I read books on lucid dreaming, and I attempt to do a mild technique every night before I fall asleep. I even wake up at 5 each morning, get out of bed and then read about lucid dreaming for an hour before I go back to sleep at 6.

As you can tell this is something I would really like to achieve, am I trying to hard? Everyone else seems to have it a lot easier!

Thanks guys!

Re: Still Not Working

Posted: 02 Sep 2013 17:10
by Fractus
Ermagerd we're the same age :D

How much of your dream are you writing down?
About two years ago or so, there was a period where I was able to have probably 2/3 lucid dreams a week, and that was probably my peak, and at the time I was writing at least a page of A4 notes on each and every tiny aspect and detail every night/morning. I'm trying to return to that at the moment.
What helps me with my dream recall and vividness is talking to them. It may sound kind of silly if you haven't tried it, but whenever I write something either about, or to my dreams I usually have much more positive dreams, and I sleep a lot better than usual. Sometimes I even play music to them (I'm a musician) and I can just feel that it's helping my dreams.
If you would prefer to be a "passive" lucid dreamer, and just let them happen without inducing them through a WILD or whatever, then my best advice would be to treat them like a best friend (after all, respecting your dreams is essentially respecting yourself) Start writing stories based on dreams, draw a picture about them, write a postcard to a dream character or a dream location and hide it away :D
I wish you the best of luck! Strong efforts will always eventually pay off.

Re: Still Not Working

Posted: 02 Sep 2013 18:16
by iringo
Hahaha awesome!

That actually helped me feel better... I woke up with all this frustration and anger towards my dreams today, and I guess that's not helping me at all. :D

I usually spend 10 minutes or so writing them down, 20 on a good day. I think I have pretty fair dream recall. I do try to write down all the small details and the feelings when the dream is vivid enough. Just out of random curiosity what instrument do you play? I guess I have been unappreciative of my dreams lately. I'll take your advice and do some drawing :)

Thank you so so much! P.S. Would you mind if I messaged you sometime? It's nice relating to somebody my age :P

Re: Still Not Working

Posted: 02 Sep 2013 18:28
by Juslisne
I would say experiment with not trying to LD every night. Take breaks - you'll come back fresher and on the "rest" nights you can still LD anyway.

Re: Still Not Working

Posted: 02 Sep 2013 23:44
by taniaaust1
I suggest to do your reality checks to something in real life which also frequency occurs in your dreams (this is where having keeping a dream journal comes in handy, so you can work out what your most common dream signs are). Then when you next do that thing in your dream, you are more likely at that point to do a reality check. At the moment you are just hoping that a reality check will randomly occur in your dream, so I suggest to change this.

I even wake up at 5 each morning, get out of bed and then read about lucid dreaming for an hour before I go back to sleep at 6.

I suggest not to lay in your normal position when you go back to bed when you go back to sleep at 6 but try to go back to sleep in a different position eg if you sleep on your side, try going back to bed on your back. This will help break up your normal routine of just going back to bed and falling back into an unaware asleep. (If you find you cant go back to sleep like that, spend less time doing the lucid dreaming reading)

Hang in there, you will end up having one. You just need to find what works best for you.

Re: Still Not Working

Posted: 04 Sep 2013 01:24
by Fractus
Nah man, message me whenever :D

Re: Still Not Working

Posted: 04 Sep 2013 03:33
by iringo
Thanks everyone! Feeling a lot more motivated now :) I'll definitely try the things you recommended

Re: Still Not Working

Posted: 05 Sep 2013 22:34
by chuckeles
Hello there!

My story is actually quite the same. I began practicing about a month and a half ago, with a lot of motivation (you can see my post here: I have put a lot of effort to lucid dreaming, yet didn't have a lucid dream. My motivation has been slowly decreasing, and it still is I guess. I'm starting to feel like I can't do this, but I still do reality checks and have a good dream recall.

I'll let you know when I succeed, if I'll do. You could do the same :). Currently I practice B-MILD technique, it's similar to MILD but you repeat your mantra synced with you breathing. Maybe you could try that. And also be relaxed, don't try too hard. Good luck!

Re: Still Not Working

Posted: 07 Sep 2013 17:15
by Fractus
Think of a lute being strung.
If the strings are too tight, you will only play a bad chord.
If the strings are too loose, you wont be able to play at all.
If you try too hard with something (LD'ing in this case) then your results will flaw.
If you don't try enough, your results won't show.
So if you want to lucid dream really badly, then don't go overboard. Of course you can watch all the videos you want, write about it all you want, do reality checks all you want, but only think of lucid dreaming as a casual activity such as going to the movies or a friend's house. Respect it all you want, but don't try and be clingy.

Re: Still Not Working

Posted: 07 Sep 2013 20:46
by chuckeles
That's my current approach. Btw great explanation :).